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I once thought a great mystery or fantasy book with strong romantic themes was the highest level of reading bliss. After reading my first romantic suspense novel, I never looked back. Before long, the need to create my own stories took over. I spend my days in the clinical profession of medical transcriptionist, but my passion is in the blissful hours spent with my characters in the evenings.

I live in the western United States, and when I'm not writing I love playing cards with my family, bowling, and snuggling with my lazy kitties.

There are various ways to get a hold of me, and I'd love to hear from you!

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Gizmo, the wonder cat --
writing partner and world's easiest critic. As long as 
his head is on top of my hand (seriously--he sleeps as his
head bobs up and down while I type my novel) or he is 
allowed to curl up against my lap, he thinks my writing is the best!
(R.I.P. My beautiful baby - after a long struggle with kidney failure, we had to put Gizmo down in January 2017. He is greatly missed.) 


  1. Cool cat eyes! Golden. Also, I see you made progress on C&P! congratulations. I am LOVING that book even while critting.

    1. Thanks, Rachelle! I appreciate all your support!

  2. I loved Happy ending about Quin & Clarissa. Not typical boring love story. At times I
    Had to remind myself that it's not a true story. But cancer is real & my aunt also experienced breast cancer but is healed.Cant wait to read next book of series.Thank you

    1. I'm so happy to hear you enjoyed the story! I really loved Larissa. She is a strong girl and reminded me of the women on the message boards I had read. Glad your aunt was able to fight it! Take care and happy reading!


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