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#Interview ~ Author versus Character ~ Lexa Wright's Dating Sights

Okay, everyone. I know I've been out of the blogging loop for a few days and I do apologize. On a positive note, I've got Rebeccah Giltrow here today who brought along the main character in her book, Alexana (Lexa) Wright,  for another author versus character interview! These are my favorites!  

First, let me tell you about her book, Lexa Wright's Dating Sights.

Alexana (Lexa) Wright is 30 years old, unemployed, single, and lives in her deceased, paternal grandmother’s bungalow, with her shi-tzu, Beryl. She is a self-confessed procrastinator and that isn’t a particularly positive trait to possess, especially when she is trying to write her first novel, which she intends to be a semi-fictional account of her own life. 

Unhappily single, Lexa hopes to eventually meet the man of her dreams by chance, like people do in films. Because of this, she has ignored her best friend Louise’s suggestions to join the online dating site, MatesDates. One day, Lexa turns on her computer to start writing her novel, but procrastination takes over and she spring cleans her e-mail inbox instead. She opens an e-mail from Louise, inviting her to try the dating site. Curious, Lexa joins and starts to fill in her profile. 

After a bad date, Louise visits Lexa and stays the night. Unable to sleep, Louise finishes Lexa’s MatesDates profile, unbeknownst to her friend, and sends out messages to men on her behalf. Lexa chats to one of these men online, Gregory, and arranges to meet him for a date. With her parents, Karen and Tom, dogsitting Beryl, Lexa meets Gregory at a local pub, with Louise and her colleague, Safa, sitting nearby for moral support. Cutting the date short to help his sister out of trouble, Gregory arranges another date with Lexa. The next day, Lexa collects Beryl from her parents’ house and takes her for a walk through the park on the way home. Beryl runs off, pulling her extending lead to its full length and tangles it around a man’s legs. Lexa offers to buy the man a coffee as an apology. The man introduces himself as William and asks her out on a date, and Lexa accepts. 

Lexa, not used to dating one man, has no idea what to do with two, but as everything seems casual, she continues to date both of them. Unable to choose between the two, she carries on seeing them both. She knows she has to choose one of them, but she can't make her mind up between them. 

In order to take her mind off men, Lexa puts her energies into tidying her house and garden shed. While doing this, she discovers her grandmother’s diary, plus photos, letters, and newspaper articles, all pointing to her grandmother’s youth. The more she delves, the more she discovers about her grandmother that the family knew nothing of. She uses this information to write a semi-fictional account of her grandmother’s life. 

Alright ladies, thanks for being here. Let's dive right in! How did you two meet and how long ago was it?

Rebeccah: We’ve known each other for years.

Lexa: Yeah, we’ve known each other since we were children. I can’t remember when we first met, but it seems like we’ve known each other since birth. I’ve got pictures of us both at my 1st birthday party.

Rebeccah: You have?

Lexa: Yep, and my 2nd, and 3rd. In fact, at every one of my birthday parties. With the clowns, and the petting zoo, and Louise’s broken leg after the roller-blading accident of 1990.

Rebeccah: I must be getting old. I don’t remember any of that.

Lexa: Oi, I’m not old.

Rebeccah: You’re the same age as me, and I’m old.

Lexa: Well if you’re the same age as me, and I’m not old, you can’t be old either.

Rebeccah: I feel like it sometimes.

Lexa: Stop moaning, you old biddy.

Rebeccah: Who are you calling an old biddy?

Lexa: I’m sorry Chantel. Back to your question. If my young memory serves me correctly, we met as children and we grew up together.

Rebeccah: I really should pay more attention to my own life.

Lexa: Glad I’ve made such an impact on you!

Rebeccah: *pokes her tongue out at Lexa*

Lexa: Mature.

Rebeccah: Sorry Chantal, next question.

Well, you certainly act like lifelong friends, that's for sure. So, what was your first impression of each other?

Rebeccah: Like I said before, I can’t remember meeting Lexa, so I don’t really have any first impressions. She’s just always been a part of my life.

Lexa: Bossy.


Rebeccah: What?

Lexa: My first impression of you was that you were bossy!

Rebeccah: How was I bossy?

Lexa: Every time we played, we had to have rules, and you got in a right strop if we didn’t play by the rules.

Rebeccah: I did not get in a strop.

Lexa: Yes you did. Your voice would get all high-pitched and screechy, and your face would go bright red.

Rebeccah: That did not happen.

Lexa: Yes it did, and it sounds like it’s happening again.

Rebeccah: *takes a deep breath* Rules are a good thing. The keep everything controlled, and you can keep score of who wins when there are rules.

Lexa: You don’t need to win at things all the time.

Rebeccah: *mumbles* I do.

Lexa: She can be a bit bossy and controlling and competitive, but I guess she can’t be that bad, otherwise I wouldn’t have kept her around for so long.

Rebeccah: Oi, I think I’m the one keeping you around.

Lexa: Where would you be without me?

Rebeccah: Let’s find out. Where’s that delete key?

Lexa: Let’s not be too hasty. I love you really.

Rebeccah: Hmm.

Wait a minute! Back away from the delete key! I don't need that kind of violence on my conscious. Let's move along, shall we? Rebeccah, what does Lexa do that annoys you the most?

Rebeccah: Well, as you can see so far, she’s a bit argumentative.

Lexa: No I’m not.

Rebeccah: And she interrupts questions that aren’t even directed towards her.

Lexa: *folds her arms*

Rebeccah: Can I speak?

Lexa: *looks at the ceiling*

Rebeccah: Thank you. I think the thing I find most annoying is that she doesn’t cook.

Lexa: I do.

Rebeccah: Putting your mum’s leftover shepherd’s pie in the microwave is not cooking.

Lexa: Hmm.

Rebeccah: I mean, you are thirty-one years old. You should be able to cook for yourself by now.

Lexa: Well you’re my author. You could write a scene where I cook.

Rebeccah: You know I like to let my characters write their own story, so perhaps you could step away from the microwave and make something from scratch.

Lexa: You’re so lazy.

Rebeccah: Says the woman who would rather walk to her parents’ house for lunch than actually cook her own.

Lexa: I make toast.

Rebeccah: Making toast is not cooking!

I actually don't blame you, Lexa. I'm not real big on cooking, either. So, Lexa, if you could say just one thing to Rebeccah, what would it be?

Lexa: Thank you for finding me a decent man.

Rebeccah: You’re welcome.

Lexa: I won’t say who it is; I like to leave a bit of mystery in my life.

Rebeccah: Ah, good thinking. We don’t want to give the story away, otherwise no-one will want to buy the book!

Lexa: Were you going to blurt out his name?

Rebeccah: *looks away* No, of course not.

Lexa: Yes you were. I think you’ve got a bit of a crush on him anyway.

Rebeccah: Have not.

Lexa: Yes you have. Look, you’re blushing.

Rebeccah: *puts her hands to her cheeks* Well even if I have got a crush on him, it’s not like I can do anything about it. He’s just a character in my book.

Lexa: He may be ‘just a character’ to you, but he’s real to me, so you keep your filthy paws off him.

Rebeccah: Well my ‘filthy paws’ need to get close to him in order to write him. Or do you want me to use telepathy to produce my next book?

Lexa: Ok, I’ll let you use your fingers to touch the computer keys to write about him, but that’s as far as it goes.

Rebeccah: *salutes* Sir, yes sir!

It is much more fun to write a hero when you have a crush on him. Both of you have fun in the sequel! Let's see...what’s the most embarrassing thing that’s happened between you two?

Lexa: For some reason, Rebeccah insists on writing about what goes on *whispers* in the bathroom.

Rebeccah: What?

Lexa: You always need to note down whenever I go to the toilet.

Rebeccah: Everyone goes to the toilet.

Lexa: I know, but you don’t need to tell everyone every time I go.

Rebeccah: But wouldn’t it seem weird if you went through your day to day routines of eating and drinking, and never went to the toilet. The readers would think there was something wrong with you.

Lexa: No they wouldn’t.

Rebeccah: So if you read a book about someone, anyone, and they didn’t go to the toilet, you’d think that was perfectly normal?

Lexa: Well, no, but …

Rebeccah: But nothing. I go to the toilet. You go to the toilet. The whole world goes to the toilet.

Lexa: Ok, ok, can we stop talking about going to the toilet?

Rebeccah: You brought it up.

Lexa: Oh shush.

Rebeccah, what do you feel the worst about doing to Lexa?

Rebeccah: I feel terrible about sending Lexa out on awful dates with idiotic men she met on the internet.

Lexa: And so you should.

Rebeccah: I am sorry, but I can’t have the readers thinking that internet dating is a breeze and that everyone you meet on there is charming and handsome.

Lexa: I guess.

Rebeccah: I like things to be realistic. That’s why I tell everyone about you going to the toilet.

Lexa: *sighs*

Rebeccah: Sorry. And I am sorry about letting those dreadful people into your life. I know it upset you, but life has a funny way of working out for the best.

Lexa: *grins* It sure does.

I think you sorted of hinted about this before, but do you think you two will meet again in the future?

Rebeccah: Oh of course. We’ve known each other for so long, I don’t think I could walk away from her now.

Lexa: Just make sure nothing bad happens to me, like those idiot internet men.

Rebeccah: I can’t promise anything.

Lexa: Please! Just one happy ending, like in films.

Rebeccah: We’ll see …

Looks like that's all the time we have, ladies. Thanks for being here!

About Rebeccah:
Rebeccah is a writer by trade, with skills of varying degrees in knitting, baking, EFL teaching, performing, photography, dog-walking, sleeping, painting, and procrastinating. 

Rebeccah has been a writer since she can remember, but after graduation from University of Essex in 2005 with B.A. (hons) English Language & Literature, and again in 2008 with M.A. Literature: Creative Writing, she decided to take the craft more seriously. She honed her writing skills and became an avid follower of the Oulipo. 

As well as writing, she regularly performs at the New Words, Fresh Voices open mic night at The Seagull Theatre in Lowestoft, where she reads her poetry and short stories. 

Rebeccah is an active member of Lowestoft Library Book Group and Lowestoft Library Writing Group. She has been attending these groups since 2009, and in September 2012 she set up a writing group for teen writers (aged between 11 and 17) at Lowestoft Library. 

When she's not writing, Rebeccah enjoys producing visual art, and occasionally takes photos, paints pictures, and makes collages. Her work has been shown at The Halesworth Gallery, The Ferini Gallery, and Lowestoft Arts Centre.

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Happy reading everyone! Have a good weekend!


  1. This is a great concept. I love it.

    1. These interviews have been really a fun way to get to know more about the authors and the books. I've loved how creative the authors have all been! Thanks for reading, Carol!


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