Friday, May 17, 2013

#BookReview ~ Played by You ~ Romantic Suspense novella

Title:      Played by You
Author:  H.C. Elliston
Genre:   Romantic Suspense
Rating:  4.5 stars

Since I had a new release this Monday, I decided to share my latest book review today, especially if you are needing something new to read this weekend. Here are the product details from Amazon:

From a kindle bestselling author in romantic suspense & thrillers...

“It was near impossible to wrap my mind around Taylor having done this after the chemistry we’d shared last night. But then chemistry, as I’d learned back home, is merely a glitzy emotion that ebbs and flows and is not a guarantee of loyalty.”

FLY INTO THE WORLD OF spirited twenty-two year old Misty as she goes all out to protect her sister, gets irresistibly drawn into the passionate fire of a mysterious colleague, and entangled in a deception she is yet to unravel during a spellbinding short business trip to glitzy Singapore.

WHILE MISTY is played from all sides, experience some delights of the sunny, cultural fusion-pot before discovering that LUCK, HOPE and that thing we chase... LOVE... is only ever around the corner - sometimes we just need help to not miss the turn.

WARNING: contains some strong language & sexual scenes.
Romantic thriller - 28,000 words, 14 chapters
Also by H Elliston: Tick Tock Run, Think Fast Die Last, Shiver Sweet.

My impressions:
This author's story-telling ability gets stronger with each book. Already a fan of hers, I really liked this story! Short enough to read in an evening, but full of tension and passion. The author kept me guessing as to what was really going on, though I had plenty of suspicions throughout. Also, I found the scenes between Misty and Taylor intense and sizzling. Definitely a little spice and heat for your weekend enjoyment!

As far as negatives, the only thing I found unrealistic is I've never been able to sleep through a plane taking off or landing, and that sort of made me raise my eyebrows (though I suppose some people may be able to...). Also, if you are American, do be aware that the author uses British English, so there are a few spellings/word choices different. It doesn't detract for the story being great, but just something to be aware of. There aren't any indentations at the beginning of each paragraph as well, which took me a little bit to get into the reading of it, as it takes a few pages to "train" your eye. It's not too distracting, but worth knowing beforehand. After a little bit, I no longer noticed it. Plus, the book is so great, soon you won't care about the spelling or the paragraph breaks.

As far as the story itself and all the positives (of which there are many) the author did a great job  keeping me guessing as to who could really be trusted. I think I imagined every scenario possible trying to catch the bad guys, but I found the ending and how everything tied together satisfying and realistic.

All in all, another great read from this author! Really fun and I recommend picking it up!

Happy reading, my friends! Have a fantastic weekend!
~~ Chantel ~~

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