Monday, August 12, 2013

#NewRelease ~ Souls Set Free ~ Women's Fiction

Title: Souls Set Free
Author: Kimmie Easley
Genre: Women’s Fiction

Charity information: Kimmie is donating a portion of her profits to Project Understanding! See the details below.

Emma Carter isn’t your average loving mother and wife. Actually, she’s not loving at all. Unable to move on from a tormented childhood of abuse she’s now at risk of losing her own family. Hopeless, she goes to bed every night secretly longing to not wake up the next morning. That all changes the day her mother is murdered while living on the streets. Emma must now face all of the pain she has spent years trying to numb with pills and alcohol when she is forced to travel back to her hometown to identify her mother’s body.

If only it were that easy…

Will reliving the abuse all over again help Emma forgive her mother or send her spiraling back into a world she fought so hard to survive? 


Kimmie grew up traveling the country, rarely settling in one place for much longer than a minute. Being no stranger to heartache, she allows her unconventional childhood to fuel her writing.

Kimmie serves as secretary to the East Texas Writers Association.  She is a 2012 NaNoWriMo winner. 

Kimmie is addicted to cupcakes, books, chocolate, and flip flops. She is a homeschool momma, southern wife, and pug wrangler.

She lives by the motto, when life gives you lemons ~ write about ‘em!


From Kimmie: "I am donating a portion of royalties from Souls Set Free to Project Understanding in Ventura, California. They are a non-profit organization serving those in need through 9 different programs ranging from tutoring, transitional living facilities and accompanying programs.  They have services to support and encourage independence and are geared towards keeping families housed.

Souls Set Free is a work of fiction. However, it is inspired by my own childhood and journey. The main events and struggle are true. My mother was homeless throughout the later part of her life, and died while living on the streets. The decision to donate to a charity that can help people find a better way of life was an emotional, but easy one."

Project Understanding can be found online at

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