Monday, April 28, 2014

#BookReview ~ Just a Little Twisted ~ Poetry

Title: Just a Little Twisted
Author: Royal The 17th
Genre: Poetry
Rating: 5 stars!

Literature is something that is read in a stuffy classroom; poetry is written in times of captivating emotion and tragedy. I have crafted these poems with the influence of happiness, sadness, inspiration, and twisted delusions. That is what these poems depict. Venture inside a mind that is not quite right; venture inside a mind that is just a little twisted.
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My Review:
Some of you may know that I helped Royal as his mentor during the publishing of this book for his senior project. Honestly, I didn't know how good (or bad) his poetry would be, considering he is so young and I know nothing about poetry, but I knew places to send him to get help polishing his work and also seeing whether or not his poetry was great. It reads great, and I found it very emotionally touching, disturbing, and a whole gambit of emotions reading it, but I only know what I like, not what is considered great art.

Apparently, great art is entirely subjective. Royal has a mixture of love poems, sad poems, poems that are from the mind of a confused person who is hurting and uncertain what to do in life. They are touching and relevant. The imagery he evokes totally blew me away with it's maturity and incite into how messy and confusing, yet wonderful, life can be. 

So proud of him and looking forward to his future career. Royal is also planning on writing novels, and he definitely has the creativity and drive to do it. I can't wait for his next project! 

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