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Bootie and the Beast ~ Author versus Character

Today, I'm really excited to be sitting down with  Falguni Kothari (aka The Creator) and Diya Mathur (aka Beauty from Bootie and the Beast) in an author versus character interview--my favorite! First, though, lets read about the book! 

Fairytales don't end with True Love's Kiss, they begin with one...

Diya Mathur (aka Beauty), celebrated supermodel and Party Princess of India, is adored by everyone. She works hard, plays hard, and has the biggest shoe fetish on the planet. But after she purchases one baby bootie, Diya's reputation is in ruins. There's only one place to escape the rumours - Texas, under the protection of her lifelong friend, and secret love, Krish Menon (aka the Beast).

Financial whizz-kid, CFO and entrepreneur, Krish is a brooding workaholic with a charisma that still brings Beauty Mathur to her knees. He has no idea, of course! They've shared a bond since childhood - a special friendship that thrives on sparring, teasing and goading - but with Diya back in his life and under his roof, Krish's latent desire for her explodes. And when he finally admits to the secret that has never allowed him to commit to any woman - especially Diya - everything changes. Krish might finally realise how much he wants his Beauty. But he won't get her until Diya has tamed her Beast.

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Sounds great! Let's get right down to the interview itself and find out more about this story.

First off, how did you two meet and how long ago was it? 

The Creator and Beauty stare at each other for a bit. The Creator shrugs and answers first: We became acquainted with each other on the pages of the second chapter of It’s Your Move, Wordfreak! Which is my debut romance. By the end of the scene, Ms. Beauty just leapt off the pages and took root in my brain until I promised her that she’d have the leading role in one of my future projects.

Beauty: True. I do so love being the center of attention, darlings. Gosh! It’s been five years since we met, can you believe it?

What was your first impression of each other?

The Creator snorts, rolling her eyes: I expected Diya to be some ditzy bimbo who’d fade off by the end of Wordfreak. I wrote her in primarily for some comic relief.

Beauty glares at The Creator: Hey! You adore my ditzy ass. And, you needed me to keep no nonsense, unromantic Lee-sha’s ass in check. Admit it. I fascinate you.

The Creator sighs: True. She does, as does her ass. She’s the total the opposite of me and was quite fun to write. 

The Creator, what does Beauty do that annoys you the most?

I won’t say she annoys me, per se. It’s more like she exhausts me with her constant need to be in motion. I mean, this woman exercises for at least 3 hours every day. Cooks wholesome, organic meals—again on a daily basis. And after all that, she still finds time to concoct homemade face packs, go to a spa to get massages, go shopping, read books, design clothes for Sheherazade and play Nancy Drew with the Beast. Her energy levels are supernatural, I think.

Beauty laughs: It’s just healthy living, darling, nothing unnatural about it. If you just keep to the daily routine I personalized for you, you’ll be that energized too.

Beauty, if you could say just one thing to The Creator, what would it be?

Beauty frowns in serious contemplation, then says after a bit: You’ve given me such a great story that I don’t want to seem ungrateful but…I didn’t like what you did to Daddy in the end. I wish you could change that. And I hate that Lee-sha and Aryan are suffering so. I want you to take care of them. You should write another story about them…with happier than happy end. Oh, and I wish you’d not made the Beast so out of shape. But then again, lucky he was or who would I have tortured during our Boot Camp sessions? LOL 

What’s the most embarrassing thing that’s happened between you two?

The Creator: I am constantly embarrassed by what comes out of Diya’s mouth. She’s a menace on words.

Beauty: I don’t get embarrassed, darlings. My skin might be silky smooth, but it’s as tough as nails.

The Creator, what do you feel the worst about doing to Beauty?

The Creator: I broke her heart not once but over and over when I made the Beast reject her over and over. I am sorry for that, Beauty. But you got your fairytale in the end, didn’t you? :-)

Beauty: Wow. Really? That’s your excuse for making me cry an ocean’s worth of tears?

Do you think you two will meet again in the future?

The Creator: Oh, definitely. I have two more stories in my head in which Beauty and her Beast shall make cameo appearances. So, watch out for them.

Beauty bounced in her seat: Really? OMJeez! Thank you, thank you, thank you, darling! I can’t wait to reappear on your pages. What fun! What will I be wearing? How old will I be? What will the Beast be…

The Creator groans and hides her face in her hands: OMG! Why did I say that? I’ve created a monster! She won’t let me be until I’ve written those stories.

Beauty: So get to it, darling. Chop chop.

About the Author:

Falguni Kothari is a non-traditional homemaker who accidently tripped on a misplaced soccer ball and fell down the writer’s rabbit hole. Having no more experience with the whole writing/publishing shebang than being a voracious reader and movie buff, it more than surprised her that she could, in fact, write a full-length novel. 

Now, several manuscripts down, when she is not trying to find a way out of her many domestic duties or cajoling her Latin dance coach to compose a rumba on Bollywood music, she is found embroiled in some or other scandal—sorry, creating stories—on her ever-faithful laptop.

She’s authored Bootie and the Beast, It’s Your Move, Wordfreak! and Scrabbulous Impressions, a short story. She rumbas across a whole smorgasbord of Social Media daily and loves to connect with most living things.

Twitter: @F2tweet
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  1. This was so much fun! Thanks for letting me loose on your blog, Chantel!
    xoxo - Diya.

    1. Thanks for stopping by! I love these types of interviews the best! So much fun!


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