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Heat Up Your Holidays - Excerpt Cole For Christmas

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~ Cole For Christmas - Kelly Collins ~

Welcome back to Spicy Christmas Kisses for another Author Spotlight and Excerpt! Today you’re getting some Cole For Christmas by Kelly Collins…

When Interior Designer Chloe Craig thought of Christmas, her mind overflowed with trees trimmed in twinkling lights and doorways adorned with mistletoe. Using her infectious joy, she attempted to soften the heart of her new employer, but was it possible to turn a Scrooge into Kris Kringle? 

I trudged toward the bathroom with legs that felt weighed down with cinder blocks. Who would have thought tumbling down an intermediate slope could feel like getting hit by a truck? An eighteen-wheeler. Fully loaded.
“The bath should help with your sore muscles. The lavender will help you relax. The wine is just for fun.”
“I like fun,” I said as I glanced around and saw the effort he’d put into the bath.
The flicker of candlelight danced off shimmering bubbles. A glass of dark red wine sat on the ledge of the massive tub. A tub built for two. Elias was behind me, guiding me toward my therapy.
“There are lots of bottles of fun downstairs. I’ll let you get in the bath, and I’ll check on you in a few minutes.” The moment he left, I stripped off the coyote-ugly undergarments and slid into the hot water. It flowed over my body like a magic elixir. Everywhere it touched, my body sang with relief.
Bubbles settled over the top of the water covering everything but my head. I closed my eyes and sank deep into the water. The heat enveloped me, and I was lost in luxury.
The scent of cloves and citrus fought against the lavender. My heavy lids peeled back slowly. Elias sat on the edge of the tub and smiled a trillion-dollar smile. The neck of a cabernet bottle swung between two fingers.
“You’re behind on the fun. Drink up.” He topped off my glass. Smooth and fruity, it went down quick and easy. Beads of sweat dripped down my forehead. When I tried to swipe at them, I ended up with a face full of bubbles. Elias reached over and brushed off the froth.
My heart tumbled into the deep end of the tub and drowned in lust. Here was this man who had hired me to decorate his house for his family. Who had hired me to be his girlfriend for his family. Who was treating me like I was family. If only. I fell a little bit in love, but I was a lot in lust. Add the wine, and that was a recipe for a lot of fun. Oh, fuck it.
Catching him off guard, I yanked his arm and pulled him into the tub. I’d been told you only lived once, and I decided to live now.
He plunged into the bath fully clothed. With his hand raised high above his head, he saved the expensive cabernet from getting diluted by bath water. Water sloshed over the side and onto the floor.
He pulled the bottle to his lips and drank. “I prefer to be naked when I bathe. His feet were still in the air when he kicked his shoes to the ground and curled himself into the tub, socks and all.
I obviously didn’t think this through. I was naked, and he was clothed. I had a dry glass, and he had a full bottle. I wanted everything he had to offer. Out of the water I rose, my muscles, although sore, were relaxed and flexible. On my knees, I sat in front of him and tried to even the playing field.

From Cole for Christmas
Copyright 2015 Kelly Collins

~~About the Author~~
Kelly Collins is an International Best Selling Amazon author of contemporary romance. She writes with the intention of keeping the love alive. Always a romantic, she is inspired by real time events mixed with a dose of fiction. She encourages her readers to reach the happily ever after and bask in the afterglow of the perfectly imperfect love. She loves hockey, shiny objects and has a new-found appreciation for green smoothies.

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