Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Teaser - Sweet Christmas Romance

Christmas Pets & Kisses 2: 12 Sweet Romances

Spotlight on: Unexpected Gift - Dani's Story (Christmas Fairy Tales - 2)

Life has taught housekeeper Dani Johnson to be cynical and untrusting. The local veterinarian and a very special cat work hard to soften her heart this Christmas. However, the untimely revelation of his secrets might cause Dani to run from love forever.

May read as a stand-alone novella but has crossover characters from Unexpected Gift - Cali's Story.

“I never knew cats needed this much space,” she admitted. “Back home, we have outdoor cats to keep the mice population down. We never had all this stuff for them.”

“Are you sure you can handle keeping her?” Jaxon asked, skepticism plain to see in his blue-grey eyes.

Dani allowed a half grin to creep across her face. “Are you sure you can handle giving her up?”

“I have to admit, I’ll miss having something warm and cuddly in my bed every night.” He gave her a pointed look that had Dani feeling hot again.

“If you play your cards right, your bed doesn’t have to stay empty.”

Jaxon’s eyebrows flew up his forehead. “Oh? You know someone offering to fill the empty spot?”

“Sure do.” Dani giggled, surprised by how alive and happy she had felt while being with Jaxon for the evening. “I’m absolutely certain your new dog would love to sleep with you.”

Chuckling, Jaxon shook his head. “Tease.”

“What else did you expect?” she asked, pretending innocence as she rocked back and forth on her heels. “I’m just a simple country girl. You have to spell things out for me.”

“There’s nothing simple about you.”

Christmas Pets & Kisses 2 - Order now! Release date: October 11. 
Twelve new Christmas romances - all sweet and all with very sweet pets. And for a limited time only, you can get this box set for only $0.99!

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