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Interview ~ Romantic Suspense Author J.P. Lane

Happy Friday, friends! We made it once again and the weekend is almost upon us! Thank goodness. I've had an extremely busy week, but I'm very pleased to be able to take a few minutes to out to chat with J.P. Lane and learn a little bit more about her. First off, check out her book, a romantic suspense thriller, The Tangled Web.

When top Caribbean reporter Lauren Anderson gets on the trail of a major story involving government ties to drug cartels, she steps into a world where nothing is as it seems. Her aunt, who happens to be a government minister, has some of the answers, but is staying tight lipped. Business magnate Logan Armstrong, a member of the island elite, has some answers, too. But can he be trusted?

When her aunt asks her to deliver a mysterious package while on a trip to London, Lauren finds herself drawn further into the intrigue. As she digs deeper she starts to uncover an international conspiracy involving drug trafficking, hired assassins and deadly political plots. But can Lauren untangle the web before it’s too late? And what is the dark secret she and Armstrong will eventually share? 

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Thanks so much for coming here today and agreeing to answer some questions. Let's get down to it. If someone else wrote a blurb about your book what would it say? 

Chantel, this blurb is actually from that review by the TV journalist I talk about in the interview. I have her permission to use it. Her only stipulation was not to use her name as her new contract with Turner Broadcasting doesn’t allow her to endorse any product. 

"If you like detective work, investigative reporting, long for the azure stillness of the Caribbean and know that under its postcard facade there can lurk a horrifyingly corrupt underworld; if you can relate to the drug violence that has plagued most of Latin America in the last couple of decades then this "telenovela" will intrigue you. It is a well thought out novel that captures a time and place – the cocaine wars." 

How would your friends describe you in 20 words or less?

I think the general consensus among my friends is I’m a bit of an eccentric.

Eccentric can be good. So, tell me a little about yourself in your own words.

I’m originally from Jamaica. I’ve been in Florida for 30 years, but I also lived in London, Malaysia and Puerto Rico. When I was a teenager, my vision of the future was getting to know the world – not like a tourist, but to live the everyday experience in different countries. I wouldn’t say I realized that dream completely, but living abroad certainly shaped my perspective. I’m definitely a citizen of the world at heart. 

That sounds fabulous! I've only ever been in the continental United States and just barely inside a border town in Mexico. I have to admit to being a bit jealous. I dream of traveling some day. 
Let's see...why don't you state a random fact about yourself that would surprise your readers. 

I was a fashion designer once upon a time (-: 

Which explains all the fashions on your blog! That's awesome. 

Okay, let's focus more on writing questions. Which scenes in The Tangled Web were the hardest to write? 

The hardest for me were the love scenes, creating that intensity. The one that was particularly challenging was the borderline S&M scene where Maria yells in the heat of passion, “Pull my hair, yank it hard!”

I can totally understand that. I had a hard time in the beginning writing love scenes too. How do you manage your writing schedule? What's a typical day like?
I don’t have a writing schedule. I only write when I’m in the mood, which may not be a good thing. But when I’m in the mood nothing gets in the way of writing. I often write for 10 to 12 hours at a stretch for weeks on end. Once it starts flowing, I just can’t turn it off. There have been times when hunger has forced me out of my cave to get groceries and I’ve had to pull off the road and jot down what’s popping into my head. Needless to say, everything else turns to chaos when I’m writing. The problem is the mortgage company and the electric company just don’t get that there’s more to life than paying bills. 

Haha - if only they would understand that! Did you do any research before start or during of the writing of The Tangled Web

Yes, I did a fair amount of research and there are references to several true events woven into the story. The first review was by a Spanish-language TV journalist. The book hit home with her because she covered Latin America back when some of those things were happening. That part about forty judges in Colombia being killed by drug cartels really happened. Also true is the part about the MedellĂ­n cartel paying officials in Cuba’s Ministry of Interior six million U.S. to transship six tons of cocaine through Cuba to the U.S. The research for this book was a real eye-opener. Before writing it, I had no idea how huge the cocaine industry is. 

Sounds like you were able to incorporate a lot of facts. 

How about reading? Are there any new authors that have grasped your interest? 

There’s a new author who’s really got my attention –Steve Venables. Brilliant writer. I don’t know if you’ve ever read Dylan Thomas, but Venables is in that kind of league. There’s a lot of good fiction coming from new authors, but this guy has vaulted over the threshold between good writing and creative genius in my opinion. 

It's always nice to find that kind of author. I love finding people I can stick with and eagerly anticipate each new book! 

Let's talk about your readers. How important do you find the communication with your readers? Do you reply to their messages or read their reviews? 

Very important. I value reader feedback a lot. It’s interesting to see your book through another person’s eyes. Aside from that, I enjoy chatting with my readers. One in Peru contacted me via Facebook the other day and I was elated. 

Have you ever Googled yourself? 

(-: I Google myself at least once a month and I never fail to be surprised by what I find. It was during one of those Google searches that I found out The Tangled Web had been pirated. A flattering annoyance.

Ah, yes. The lovely pirate sites. Googling myself was how I discovered the same thing with Always & Forever. 

What about the future? Are you working on a new book now?

Yes, I’m writing a historical romance at the moment, though that’s simplifying it a bit. I’m not quite ready to talk about it in depth, because I still have a way to go. The story takes place in three countries in 1802, so there’s a lot of research involved as you can imagine. Plus I’m trying to keep the dialogue true to the period, so I constantly have to be referring to books written at that time. Digging into the past is what gave me the idea to blog about fashion history, incidentally. It’s perfect for me, because I get to combine two of my greatest interests – fashion and history.

Sounds labor intensive, but very interesting. Have fun writing! Thanks for being here today. I really appreciate you taking time out of your busy schedule to stop by. 

About J.P. Lane:

Originally from Jamaica, J.P. Lane has blazed a trail across the world, following her star and gathering the international experience that is reflected in her writing. An advertising veteran and former member of The Miami Herald's marketing team, Lane has a few advertising awards under her belt, including the prestigious Addy. Though now retired from advertising, the unstoppable Lane has launched into a writing career of a different nature. She’s currently working on her second novel and blogging about what people have worn throughout the centuries.

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Once again, here's where you can buy The Tangled Web:

I hope you enjoyed this interview. Happy reading, everyone! Have a great weekend!
~~ Chantel ~~


  1. Thanks so much for interviewing me Chantel - particularly on a busy weekend like this when you have your hands full with the release of your new book Crime & Passion, which I can't wait to read. Wishing you the very best with it!

    1. Thank you so much! I really appreciate you being here. It is so fun to learn more about other authors!

  2. Great interview JP and Chantel! Anxious to read your book, sounds fantastic!

    1. Thanks for reading! Her book does sound great!

  3. I enjoyed this interview; it's always fun to see what makes authors tick. Loved the comment about coming out of her cave because she had to eat. I don't have that problem, currently, because I've got a toddler who reminds me that I need to take care of both of our bodily needs!

    1. Yes, children are very good for making sure we don't stay lost in author-land for too long. Thanks for stopping by!

    2. Thanks for stopping by, Alyce. I understand what you're saying about not having the liberty of nearly starving to death when you have a toddler. I had to wait a long time to be on the brink of starvation when I'm writing. :-) But I can't get away with that when my toddler grandson is around.

  4. Lovely interview Jane! Curious to hear more about your future book, historical romance!

    1. Thanks so much Uvi. Very happy to have been able to share a little about me with you. And happy Chantel gave me the opportunity.


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