Monday, March 18, 2013

#NewRelease ~ Crime & Passion ~ Murder Mystery/Romance

It's official! Crime & Passion, my new romantic suspense/mystery, is now available everywhere. I had a great time writing this book, as followers of my blog know. I've very excited to present this novel. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did. 

A decorated police officer, more intent on justice than following the letter of the law, lands in trouble when a schoolteacher finds a dead body on the beach.

Officer Donovan Andrews knows how to have a good time—ask any woman in town. But when it comes to men abusing their wives or children, Donovan takes it upon himself to make them regret it.

Madeline Scott is unlucky in love. All she wants is a quiet place to heal, away from cheating, womanizing men. However, her life is far from peaceful once she stumbles across the body and witnesses someone fleeing the scene.

Terror spreads in Pleasant View when the small community hears a killer is on the loose. All evidence points to Donovan, and he realizes someone is trying to frame him. When troubling suspicions from his past surface, even fellow officers believe he’s guilty. Madeline might be the only person who can clear his name, but first he has to win her trust.

The body count rises and no one is safe. The murderer makes it clear Madeline is next. Soon, Donovan’s whole world is focused on protecting her and keeping himself out of prison. The more time he spends with her, the harder it is to fight his growing attraction. Since she’s been burned by love, convincing Madeline he’s interested in something more than hot sex may prove harder than keeping her alive.

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Also, please take a little bit of time to browse through the list of authors' blogs/web sites in the column to the right here. I've put down the genre they write in so you can look at the ones who write the genre you prefer, or explore something new! These great folks have been working hard all weekend, helping me spread the word about Crime & Passion being available. I can't thank them enough!

Today, you can find me chatting with Melinda Dozier and the hero from this book, Donovan Andrews, over on Melinda's blog! Don't miss this

Happy reading, friends. Normally, I'm not all too happy about it being Monday, but I'm so excited about this book being available, that I've been on a bit of a high. Have a fantastic week!

~~ Chantel ~~


  1. Congrats on your publication! Beautiful cover, too.

    1. Thank you, Diane! I've been very excited about it. My cover artist, LFD Designs for Authors, is absolutely fantastic! I love her work!

  2. Congratulations, Chantel... on your second book! I'm so happy for you!

    1. Thank you, Kimberly! And also thanks for all your help and advice along the way. I've learned so much from you. Can't wait until the world gets to read your books!

  3. congrats! i'm thrilled for you and do hope the book does real well


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