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#Interview ~ Women's fiction author Karina Gioertz

Happy Friday everyone! Today, I'm happy to have Karina Gioertz over for a chat and to tell us about her women's fiction novel, Country Girls. We're going to chat about hers and the star of Country Girls', Eli Wilson, relationship. First, let me show you her cover and let you read the book blurb!

Country Girls:
It had been clear from the beginning, that Emma, Eli and Evey Wilson would be tied together by more than just a name and the blood that flowed through each of their veins. They would be bound for life by the secrets of their past and the lies that kept them hidden. 

After a fire devoured their family home and left them orphaned at an early age, Emma, Eli and Evey found themselves being raised by their grandfather and learning the ropes of life on the ranch. A life that quite suited Emma and Eli, but left Evey desperate to seek out a way to escape and run off to the big city. An escape she soon found in Preston Mercer. 

It wasn’t long after Evey rode out of town on Preston’s white horse that he revealed his true colors and what had been her dream come true became the stuff of nightmares. While Evey weathered the storm on her own at first, out of spite and sheer stubbornness, she finally broke her silence and called her sisters. They instantly rushed to her side, just as they had always done. Just as she had known they would.

As Pandora’s Box was opened for the second time in 25 years, the sisters prepared for what would be their greatest battle yet. Would Evey be able to escape Preston’s wrath? Would Emma be able to face the monsters of her past? Would Eli find a way to heal the scars that had not only bound her body but shackled her soul? And, most importantly, would there be room amongst the skeletons to hide another body?

Join them on their journey, as they fight the enemy, embrace the ally and find out if love really does conquer all. 
Karina's Website: 

I'm so pleased to have you here, Karina. I'm so anxious to read some of your books. They've been bought and loaded on my Kindle. I just need more reading time! 

Anyway, on to the interview. How did you and Eli meet and how long ago was it? 

Eli and I met about four years ago in Granite Bay, California. I was just driving down the road, blasting my music and listening to Jason Aldean’s “She’s Country” when Eli just popped up out of nowhere and decided to come along for the ride. 

Some of them do that... What was your first impression of each other? 

I think we were immediately drawn to one another. Eli is far gutsier than I am, but I think she could tell that deep down, I wasn’t that unlike her. We’re both country girls at heart who love their families above all else and curse like sailors, no matter who’s listening. 

What does Eli do that annoys you the most?

Eli’s pretty stubborn which can be a little frustrating at times… 

Eli, if you could say just one thing to Karina, what would it be? 

Let me buy you a beer. (That’s like saying “I love you” in Eli lingo…) 

Haha - whatever works! What’s the most embarrassing thing that’s happened between you two? 

We don’t generally talk about this, but I know Eli wasn’t too pleased about the fact that I was around to see her get so worked up over wondering what Shawn was up to. It was bad enough for her to feel so annoyingly vulnerable, but to know that I saw the whole thing only made it more humiliating. 

Sometimes it is tough to let people see us at our most vulnerable. What do you feel the worst about doing to Eli? 

It broke my heart to write about Eli and her mother. In fact, I cried as I was writing it, but I knew that out of the three Wilson girls, Eli was the strongest. It had to be her experience. If it had been either one of her sisters, it would have changed the story entirely. 

Do you think you two will meet again in the future?

Oh, I think we might :-) In fact, I was just wondering how things were going down at the Wilson Ranch earlier this morning. Maybe it’s time to plan another visit… 

Sounds like the ideas are already circulating! Thanks for being here!

About the author: 
Although Karina Gioertz has been writing for most of her life, it never quite registered with her as something out of the ordinary, because it was so closely connected to who she was. It wasn't until she became a stay at home mom and finally took the time to write an entire book from beginning to end, that she understood what all of those ideas she'd been jotting down were for. Since then, she has written several books, including Country Girls, Lucky In Love and Blood Bound. 

Karina resides in sunny Florida with her family and two dogs.

Be sure to check out Karina's website and her other books too! They all sound so good. Happy reading, everyone. Have a great weekend!
~~ Chantel ~~


  1. enjoyed reading the interview,karina. eli sounds like a character i'd enjoy reading about.

  2. Thanks Annamaria! Eli was a blast to write :-)


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