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#Excerpt ~ Book 11 HTSF Romance boxed set ~ How You Remind Me

Heroes To Swoon For Boxed Set
11 Sizzling Contemporary Romances

Multi-author boxed set
Genre: Contemporary Romance Anthology
Release Date: December 8, 2014
Publisher: IndieWrites, Inc.

New Release Sale Price: $0.99 Limited Time. Purchased separately, the books in this set would cost over $30. Nine Full-Length Novels, 1 Novella, and 1 Short Story from NY Times, USA Today, National and International Bestselling Authors.

A super-sexy BONUS short by New York Times & USA Today best-selling author,


Sexy guitarist Shaw Tyler knows lawyer Kate Schaffer’s personal fantasies. Trouble is, she doesn’t remember why. He spent one night in her bed, but since then, Kate acts like their liaison never happened. Kate used to live a wild and crazy life. After a scary black-out, she cleaned up her act. She longs for a passionate liaison with Shaw, but is she willing to take the chance at reliving past mistakes?


“Julie Elizabeth Leto always delivers sizzling, snappy, edgy stories!”--New York Times bestselling author Carly Phillips.

“Blazing hot! A story so seductive you can’t stop reading!”--New York Times bestselling author Virginia Henley

“Steamy sensuality and passion keep the reader swiftly turning pages.”--Rendezvous

What are Amazon readers saying?

“Leto expertly turns every "oh-no" twist of her plot into an "oh-yes", taking the readers for a racy, romantic rollercoaster ride.”

“This book was a moment in time where two people found out about one another and about themselves. And there are some steamy scenes to boot!”

“How You Remind Me was filled with romance, deceit, forgiveness and hot, hot sex; it certainly packed quite a punch!”


“What’s wrong?” he asked, sliding across the corner of the stage so he could stand beside her.

She jumped back, startled, and then pushed at the frames of her glasses and straightened her shoulders. “Why would you assume something was wrong?”

His gaze dropped to his arm where she’d made contact. “You touched me.”

“I—,” she faltered. “I needed to get your attention.”

And she’d gotten more than she’d bargained for. That brief moment of her skin against his had evoked a myriad of sensations that had nearly knocked her off her feet. Or maybe it was just the swiftness with which he moved or the strong, spiced scent of him, a heady mix of sweat and soap and man.

He grinned again, taking a jab at the durability of her knees.

“Katie-gate, not a moment goes by when you don’t have my full and undivided attention.”

She narrowed her eyes, trying to spot a hint of disingenuousness. She didn’t spot any, but that didn’t mean he wasn’t simply a master of concealing his true intentions. She trusted that Shaw was, at his core, a good guy. But he was also a musician and in her extensive experience, they weren’t entirely trustworthy when it came to sex.

Though, if he went along with what she had in mind, he wouldn’t need to be trustworthy. Just ready, willing and able to entertain a brief affair during the off-hours of her very busy weekend.

But first she had to see if he was really interested and hadn’t just fallen into a comfortable pattern of flirting with her with total certainty that she would once again turn him down.

“Why do you do that?” she asked.

“Do what?”

“Flirt with me. All the time. You never stop.”

The lack of exasperation in her voice stunned her. She wasn’t frustrated like usual...she was simply asking a question.

He gave a quick glance at Erica, as if checking to see if he had time to pursue this conversation with her before his next performance. Kate, of course, knew they had at least ten minutes. She’d written the speech herself.

His hand shot toward her elbow, but out of instinct, she sidestepped his touch.

Why did she keep doing that? What was she so afraid of?

It didn’t take a psychologist or even a close girlfriend to figure it out. Shaw represented her past—her wild, reckless past—a lifestyle that she was glad to have moved on from. Except that when she really opened her eyes, he was more than that. He was good-looking and talented, but he was also a long-time friend of Erica’s and a persistent flirt. 

And if his flirtations were for real, she might have a shot at having some fun for the first time in a long, long time.


New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Julie Leto has sold over forty-five books to four publishers--all featuring strong, confident women and the super-sexy men they drive to their knees. To date, she has over 1 million books in print across the world.

We all need a hero! Preferably a hot, muscled, romantic one who's not afraid to fight for the woman he loves. From firefighters to athletes, and artists to rockers, these swoon-worthy heroes will keep you on your toes and weak in your knees. Slip into a reading adventure that will have you panting for more: fun, steam, and thrills.

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