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#Excerpt ~ Book 3 HTSF Romance boxed set ~ Roaring Hot by Rachelle Ayala

Heroes To Swoon For Boxed Set
11 Sizzling Contemporary Romances

Multi-author boxed set
Genre: Contemporary Romance Anthology
Release Date: December 8, 2014

New Release Sale Price: $0.99 Limited Time. Purchased separately, the books in this set would cost over $30. Nine Full-Length Novels, 1 Novella, and 1 Short Story from NY Times, USA Today, National and International Bestselling Authors.

~~Book 3 - Roaring Hot! by Rachelle Ayala~~

Motorcycle racer Teo Alexiou is challenged by his grandmother to come to her birthday party with a real girlfriend. He cooks up a reality show to convince actress Amy Suzuki to play the part. When Teo and Amy find themselves caught in love’s grip, each suspects the other of acting. Their game playing explodes when Teo is injured on the track and left wondering if the reality show portrayed skillful acting or true love.

 “I’m not afraid of Japanese girls.” Twenty-seven-year-old Teo Alexiou blinked in disbelief at his grandmother’s onscreen image.

Oba-chan grinned toothily through the chat window. “Then why haven’t you dated any?”

“Haven’t gotten around to it. Too busy enjoying the women of the world.”

“Last I looked, Japan’s still part of the world,” Oba-chan said in her matter of fact voice, the one she’d used on Teo whenever he was too stubborn to pick up his toys or refused to wash his hands before dinner.

Teo wiped his fingers through his short-cropped hair. “Take a number. I’m still working my way through Europe and Latin America.”

It wasn’t that he had anything against Japanese women. After all, he was part Japanese, thanks to Oba-chan, but knowing his grandmother, any dalliance with a Japanese woman would carry expectations—expectations a young, single, swinging motorcycle racer was unprepared to fulfill.

“You’re taking too long,” Oba-chan said. “I’m not getting any younger. Do you think it makes me happy to see you with all those party girls? Two or three on each arm. It shames me that your father didn’t instill more honor into you.”

Why would his father, a Greek billionaire, waste his time instilling honor and respect when the world was full of jets, yachts, and continents of sexy women?

Teo felt like reminding granny that she was the one who’d raised his father. She couldn’t fix him from his playboy ways. Was it any surprise Teo’s Filipina mother left him with his grandmother and joined a convent?

Being traumatized at such a young age, try three, made Teo a crazy bastard. If it wasn’t for Oba-chan and racing, he would have joined the ranks of the drug addled billionaire boys’ clubs.

“What do you want me to do?” He regretted his words as soon as they left his mouth. Oba-chan had an uncanny way of extracting her pound of flesh from anything he promised.

Her catlike grin elongated as she stroked her cheek with one long fingernail. “My eightieth birthday’s coming up. Your father’s thinking of surprising me with a gala party at one of his properties. I prefer Beverly Hills over Paris. It’s going to be swank.”

Sweat erupted under Teo’s collar, and he swallowed hard. She was setting him up. No doubt. The longer her prefaces, the bigger the deal. That woman was seriously scary. How would she know what his father was planning?

“I can go to a party, no problem,” Teo said. He made a show of glancing at his watch and yawned. “It’s getting late here. I have a race tomorrow.”

“I know.” Oba-chan leaned into the webcam, making her face take the shape of a wide-eyed guppy. “Move your camera around. I want to see your bed. Is it occupied?”

He swung his front-facing camera at his empty bed. What did she think? That he’d distract himself the night before a race? Hadn’t she taught him to quiet his mind and meditate? Preserve his concentration?

One micro-second was all it took to wipe out and crash. Of course after the race, all bets were off and his bed became a revolving door.

“Good boy, you’re redeemable,” Oba-chan said. “As I was saying, my birthday party is in three months. My challenge, should you be brave enough to accept, is for you to bring a girlfriend.”

Teo’s stomach took a flying loop. Girlfriend was not in his vocabulary. Hook-up, vacation fling, one-nighter, friends with benefits, groupie, yes, groupies were the best, they even came in pairs or triplets.

“A date to your party? Piece of cake.” Teo put on his most charming grandson smile.

“Not just any date, a relationship. From now until my birthday, you’re to find and hold onto a real girlfriend. Got it?”

“Yeah, well, sure. How do you define a real relationship?” Prickly heat wiggled under his skin like the feet of a million centipedes. Even though he was only one-quarter Japanese, he still respected his elders and wanted to please his grandmother.

“I have my ways,” Oba-chan deadpanned. “I’ll know if it’s not real. Don’t cross me. Three months. Think you can stick to one woman?”

He heard the sound of knuckles cracking, something she always did before applying the belt of correction back in the days when she brought him up. What she was asking him was impossible given his sport.

“I’m on the road, a different race circuit every two weeks. Qatar, Australia, Malaysia, Argentina.”

Oba-chan wagged her finger. “You have all this technology and oodles of cash. Surely you can afford to fly her to your races. I think you’re scared.”

No way. He liked women he could take or leave, but he wasn’t afraid. He just didn’t have the time or energy to invest in a relationship.

“I can afford a lot of things,” he said. “Sticking to one woman isn’t something I want.”

“It’s because of your mother, isn’t it?” Oba-chan’s nostrils flared. “You have to remember, she didn’t leave you, she left your father.”

Same difference. She’d left both of them, except Papa hadn’t cared. Teo’s heart twisted with that old, familiar pain. He didn’t want to be disrespectful, but the conversation was over. He’d agree and deal with it later.

“I’ll do it.” He puffed up his lips. “Only until your birthday, then I’m breaking it off.”

“Fair enough. I expect you to … how do you kids say it these days … to ‘hook up’ with someone right away.”

“Hai, Oba-chan!” He saluted her. “Anything else?”

“Nope, she doesn’t even have to be Japanese. Sayonara.”


Rachelle Ayala is a bestselling Asian American author of dramatic romantic suspense and humorous, sexy contemporary romances. Her heroines are feisty and her heroes hot. She writes emotionally challenging stories but believes in the power of love and hope. She has won awards in multicultural and historical romance.

We all need a hero! Preferably a hot, muscled, romantic one who's not afraid to fight for the woman he loves. From firefighters to athletes, and artists to rockers, these swoon-worthy heroes will keep you on your toes and weak in your knees. Slip into a reading adventure that will have you panting for more: fun, steam, and thrills.

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