Monday, May 7, 2012

Books I Love~Mercedes Lackey/Phoenix and Ashes

I have a confession to make, I'm still making my way through Burning Lamp by Amanda Quick.  Then, I'm going to read my new Sookie Stackhouse book by Charlaine Harris (that I just received in the mail yesterday!) Deadlocked.  Because of that, I'm going to recommend one of my favorite past books. This book is hitting this list because it's one I've read over and over, and I enjoy it every time.

Phoenix and Ashes by Mercedes Lackey is quite possibly the best book out of her Elemental Masters series.  If you love fantasy and magic, with a little romance thrown in, set in the time of World War I, this is the book for you.  In fact, I recommend all of the books in this series that came before this one.  I was disappointed with the next in the series, Reserved for the Cat, and can't recommend it, but the rest - terrific!

Phoenix and Ashes is a unique retelling of the popular story of Cinderella.  Having loved fairy tales since I was a young girl, this series is just what I like in a fantasy.  The use of elemental magic by the main characters adds to the fun!

Amazon description: In this dark and atmospheric rendition of the Cinderella fairy tale, an intelligent young Englishwoman is made into a virtual slave by her evil stepmother. Her only hope of rescue comes in the shape of a scarred World War I pilot of noble blood, whose own powers over the elements are about to be needed more than ever.

The Fire Rose (The Elemental Masters Fairy Tales)That books vies for spot of my "favorite" with the first in the series (not really considered part of this series because it is set in America instead of England) The Fire Rose.  This is the wonderful retelling of Beauty and the Beast.

Both of my copies of these books are so worn and well read, the pages are starting to fall out.  Can't go wrong with either if you like fantasy. 

For more information on Mercedes Lackey's prolific writing and her many available books, visit her page  This is, by no means, the only series of hers that I read, and reread, and I will probably recommend more from her in the future. 

Have a great week, and happy reading!  Soon, I'll be off to wonderful Bon Temps, Louisiana with Sookie Stackhouse to chase her vampires! Can't wait to read more about sexy vampire, Eric Northman! Though I have to admit, Vampire Bill also gets sexy points (but I am team Eric for both the show and the books). 
    Alexander Skarsgård (aka Eric) from HBO's True Blood~based
on Chairlaine Harris's Sookie books.
Stephen Moyer (aka Vampire Bill) from
HBO's True Blood

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