Monday, January 28, 2013

#BookReview ~ Maggie's Fall by Ricki Wilson

Title:     Maggie's Fall
Author: Ricki Wilson
Genre:  Mainstream fiction/women's fiction
Rating:  4 stars

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I really enjoyed this book. Being a long-time horse lover, I really liked that this was essentially a book about saving a horse ranch that was failing. Maggie is a strong woman who has had a lot of tragedy in her life that she needs to work out and get over. Her problems run deeper than she'll allow herself to admit and beyond this being the story of Maggie saving her parents' ranch and keeping it running, this is the story of Maggie finding herself. 

I love the entire cast of characters. Jonah and Martha, who help run the ranch and act as Maggie's extended family, are great people and I love Martha's no-nonsense way she deals with things. Maggie's son, T.J., adds his own brand of charm and, of course, I absolutely love Witt - the finance manager who helps Maggie at every opportunity he can. 

My one criticism would be that there is quite a bit of head-hoping in this book with shifts from one character to the next which is sometimes a little confusing. On the other hand, it does give readers a chance to look into the minds of all these characters and get to know each of them better than they would have if Maggie were the only point of view character. 

Even though this extended family face many challenges, together with love and perseverance, they show a strength to get through the tough times, even when things don't work out like they expect or want them too. A very satisfying story that I enjoyed and recommend. 

This book took me longer to read than I wanted it to since I've been finishing up writing my own book and had other things promised to read. That said, it was a really good book that I greatly enjoyed and I was frustrated by the lack of reading time I had available to devote to this. Even though I was supposed to be doing other things/reading other books, I kept coming back to this one to read a chapter or two when I could steal away some time. I really think people will love Maggie. She's a great character who has much to learn about herself, and the journey of her life makes a great read. I hear a sequel is coming, and I can't wait! 

Happy reading, friends! Have a great week!

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