Tuesday, January 15, 2013

#BookReview ~ Trouble Triangle by Travis Casey ~ Humor

Title:      Trouble Triangle (Book 1 of Tyler's Trouble Trilogy)
Author: Travis Casey
Genre:   Humor/splash of romance
Rating:  Five Enthusiastic Stars!!

Okay, I have been so excited to give my review on this book! I absolutely love Trouble Triangle! If you like your humor a bit off color (some say raunchy), prepare to laugh! Travis Casey is one of my favorite new authors! 

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Tyler Chambers thinks he has it made, living the sailor life and a dream most men would love--two of the hottest girls on base want relationships with him. When things turn ugly, Tyler will have a hard time talking himself out of some sticky situations.

I first read this book as a critique partner and just could not read through it fast enough. Even before it was totally refined and all fixed up as it is now, I loved this story. I've read the final version, and it is great!! As funny as I remembered.

I don't want to give the plot away, but I really enjoyed this one. In the beginning, Tyler is a character you have to struggle to love; kind of a bad boy with a chip on his shoulder. However, he is very funny and stole my heart by the end. I enjoyed watching his growth throughout the book. The cast of characters is great, all feeding off each other with some very funny scenes (I love Mark). The further into the book you get, the funnier things are!

Though this is an easy read that keeps the laughs coming throughout, the author did a great job and loaded in several unexpected twists.

I would categorize this book as adult only. Be prepared for strong language and sexual situations (they're sailors, after all). If you are looking for a light read with a splash of romance that will keep you laughing, give this a try! It's on my automatic re-read pile!

Travis is currently working on the second book in the trilogy. Can't wait to share that one with you all too! If you love racy humor, you are going to want to pick this series up! 

Happy reading, my friends! Have a great week!


  1. Hey Chantel,
    Thanks for having me on your blog. It's always a pleasure to be here and I appreciate your support. Looking forward to the release of your next book. Thanks again.


    1. Thank you for writing such funny stuff. I can't wait for you to bring out the next one in the series. Congratulations on such a wonderful debut novel! Kept me laughing so much, and I love it!


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