Monday, January 7, 2013

#BookReview ~ The Sun Zebra by R. Garcia

Title:    The Sun Zebra
Author: R. Garcia
Genre: ? A children's book for grownups/short stories
Stars:   3-4

The star rating is a little difficult for this book. Basically, I liked it. That makes 3 stars on Goodreads and 4 on Amazon. I really wish they could get together and agree on what the stars mean. Okay, on to the nitty gritty:

This book is a bit different from anything I've read. The stories revolve around the narrator and his family (especially his daughter, Nell, and her imagination). Each chapter is basically its own story and tells some part of their life. The stories seem to have a moral-type ending or something to ponder. I found them enjoyable, though this is not the usual sort of book I read. All in all, it is only around 65 pages and has five different stories included. 

My favorite story was the first, "The Sun Zebra," as I thought it really captured childhood and what we forget as we get older. I did, however, have problems with some things in some of the stories. There were a few times I had issues with decisions the narrator made in terms of protecting his child and her feelings (especially during the second story), instead of taking an opportunity to teach right from wrong. However, things turned out okay in the end, but life unfortunately doesn't always work out that way. I guess the reason that this bothered me so much was the way the story was resolved was pretty unbelievable (although I'm not sure if these are true stories and it really happened that way, or just the author's imagination). Anyway, I thought the more responsible thing to do would be to tell Nell the truth about that fact she had made a mistake. 

Still, even with that minor complaint, I found the stories enjoyable and it is a quick and easy read if you are looking for something fun and light. A lot of things to make you remember the magic of being a child and seeing the world through a child's eyes again. 

Happy reading, everyone! 

P.S. Don't forget my policy to read the samples before you buy! Everyone's tastes are different. 


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    1. You are welcome! Thank you for giving me the opportunity to read it. Best of luck in all your future writing endeavors!


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