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Guest post ~ The Mirror by Candace Bowser and #Giveaway

Book Title:  The Mirror
Author:  Candace L. Bowser
Release Date:  June 18, 2013
Genre:  Paranormal Romance/Horror
Length:  280 Pages
Publisher:  GMTA Publishing LLC
Presented by:  As You Wish Tours

Practical Advice for Beginning Fiction (or other genre) Writers

Everyone has advice for the new aspiring author. Mine would be to follow 5 simple rules that help to keep you a path that is true to what you are writing.

1.Make your characters believable regardless of their traits. If they are someone that is to be loathed then make them absolutely loathing. You can make a reader fall in love with a serial killer not because there is this sickening sweet I volunteer at the soup kitchen on Sundays because they feel guilty quality but because they are scooping out their next potential victim.

2.If you read it and you think it sucks, it just might. Try highlighting that paragraph or few pages you just aren’t happy with in a different color and rewriting it immediately below. Take a look at both of them. Which one is better? Which one draws you the most? Are they elements in each that are equally good?  Could those elements be combined?

3.If and when creative writing takes a downturn, try writing something simple and expanding it to reinvigorate the mind. For instance, write a simple sentence like ‘the cat was pink’. Okay the cat was pink. There is a noun, a verb, and a descriptive adjective but the sentence does not tell you why the cat was pink or what happened to the cat to cause it to be pink. Re-write it with that in mind. Sometimes I find the more simply the exercise, the better the results.

4.Find a writing style that suits you and use it to appeal to your target audience. That is a bit harder than it may sound but do it and be true to the dream. My style is more classical oriented where descriptive, complex sentences fill the page as needed. Short sentences are just not the style which makes me comfortable writing but that is not to say they do not work for other authors. Finding your style and being true to it is key.

5.Write because you love it; not because it is a dream of becoming rich and famous overnight. If writing does not tug at the heartstrings and draw you to it with vigor, then it might just be a fleeting passion. That is okay, but if you live to write, keep doing it regardless of how many rejection letters litter you inbox or fill the trash, just keep writing.


Adrianna Bristol stood before her grandmother's antique mirror and stared at the black velvet cloth covering it. She just couldn't believe her nana was gone. The mirror had hung in that exact same spot for the last twenty years, never once had it been moved from the alcove. Adrianna remembered the stern words of her grandmother when she was a child. Annabel Bristol had told her, "promise me Adrianna that you will never uncover the mirror. No matter what it may whisper to you, you must never remove the cover." Adrianna laid her hand against the cool velvet which covered the glass. As she walked away the mirror whispered to her, "you belong to me now. You belong to me." A four hundred year old curse has  plagued the Bristol family since the 1600's. A curse born out of a love so rich and a betrayal so deep, that time itself has no power to stop it. Only Adrianna has the courage to find the truth behind the curse and set her family free. But will the Mirror release its darkest secrets?

An avid writer, Candace works nearly every day on one of her manuscripts. Though she predominately composes works of horror, she also writes mystery, suspense, and adventure. During the 1990’s she was a featured columnist for PRS in Kansas City. In 2011, Candace was honored by being voted one of the Top 20 Most Prolific Authors by AKG mag.. Her books are an unusual blend of historical places and events, along with fictional and non-fictional characters, which she seamlessly weaves into the story .Originally from south-central Pennsylvania, she currently resides in Kansas City with her husband Todd.



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