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#NewRelease ~ Romance author, Melinda Dozier, Author V Character

Today, I'm so pleased to have Melinda Dozier, fabulous romance author and my good friend, here for an interview to talk about her latest romance novel, Breaking the Rules (and a chance to win in her giveaway at the end of this post). Her sexy hero, Dr. Colin Calaway, has come along too!  First, lets check out her cover and the blurb for her book:


A forbidden love affair in the past has led Hope Robinson, a middle school principal, to Harbor Bay, Florida, where she commits herself to play by the rules. This can be difficult for a perpetual klutz, who—even strapped in a cast—has to uphold a competent attitude at all times.

Luckily, she has Dr. Colin Calaway on her side, a widower and father of a student, who is ready to give love another try. When Colin convinces Hope they should explore the connection between them, a steamy romance develops, though it could destroy them both. They must decide if their jobs—and their hearts—are worth the risk.

Sensuality Level: Sensual

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Alright, this is probably no secret, but I loved Breaking The Rules, especially you, Dr. Calaway. I kept rooting for you to win Hope's heart. Okay, let's get to the good stuff and find what inspired this story. How did you and Melinda meet, Colin, and how long ago was it?

Colin: **sea-green eyes twinkle** I always like to say I was the inspiration behind Breaking the Rules. Melinda was just kind enough to listen to me as I screamed me and Hope's story at her. **smiles, two dimples set deep into his cheeks**

Melinda: Look at him! All he has to do is smile and he’s a big flirt. 

Hey, you can't fault him for that sexy smile. You created it. 

Melinda: **ahem** Yes, about a year ago, Colin wouldn’t leave me alone. He even talked to me in my sleep.

Colin: Hey, now. You have to clear that up or Hope will think we’ve got something else going on besides pencil and paper.

Melinda: Oh, Hope has nothing to worry about. I’ve never seen such a dedicated man before. It all basically started when I watched my own brother-in-law (who also lost his wife) begin dating. Then Colin’s stories came to me – in a manner of speaking. I knew I had to write for all those single dads out there to let them know there’s hope. **snort – get it? Hope**

Colin: **rolls his eyes** You’re a real jokester, Melinda. But seriously, getting back into the dating field is hard stuff. Luckily, I had Melinda to walk me through it. **wink**

Melinda: **sigh**

I laughed at your joke, Melinda. :-) Okay, what was your first impression of each other?

Colin: I have to admit that having someone follow your every move was quite disarming at first.

Melinda: Honestly, if I wasn’t married already, I would’ve tried to break some rules with Colin myself. Hope’s very lucky. He’s a catch!

I totally agree, but he has to have some bad qualities too. Melinda, what does Colin do that annoys you the most?

Melinda: Colin is one big flirt. I’m not sure if that’s a bad thing, but it can be annoying if done too much. Hope was lucky enough that Colin didn’t give up on flirting with her. Look where they’re at now.

Colin: **hand splayed across his heart** Me? A flirt? Nah! **leans in** You look beautiful today, by the way.

Melinda: See!

Chantel: **laughs** Let's reverse things. Colin, if you could say just one thing to Melinda, what would it be?

Colin: Thank you. Thank you for introducing me to the love of my life. You gave me Hope – in more ways than one.

Melinda: Geez, I think I’m going to cry. I take back my earlier comment. You don’t annoy me at all, Colin.

Colin: I knew I’d get through to you. **pulls his Yankees cap down** But really, I mean it. Thank you.

Awe, that's sweet... But, the story is sweet enough. Let's get to something less mushy. **grins evilly** What’s the most embarrassing thing that’s happened between you two?

Colin: Ah, hell. I don’t like to talk about embarrassing things. Can we skip this one?

Melinda: But it’s so fun!

Colin: Maybe for you, but I’m the one who endures it.

Melinda: Awww, don’t be a party pooper.

Chantel: Come on...tell us. Please.

Colin: **scratches his jaw** It is embarrassing to have a writer follow you through your most – ahem – intimate moments with someone. I mean, she even knows my every thought. **shakes head**

Melinda: **pushes Colin’s shoulder** It was kind of cute when you couldn’t stop imagining Hope naked – even in the principal’s office.

Colin: Crap. **pulls cap down over his eyes** This is what I mean. Next question?

Alright, we'll let you off the hook, even if you are cute when you're embarrassed. Melinda, what do you feel the worst about doing to Colin?

Melinda: Colin really handed his heart over to Hope, taking a huge risk after losing his wife and I went and had her break it off with him. **pats his back** Sorry about that, Yank.

Colin: Yeah, well – we ended up together so – 

Melinda: Thanks to Jason! That son of yours is a real heart-tugger.

Colin: I love that little man, too. I couldn’t be prouder. 

You should be proud. Jason is a great kid. So, do you think you two will meet again in the future?

Melinda: Colin might be surprised to know this, but yes, I suspect we’ll meet again. I have Colin’s best friend, Tim, sending me dream messages lately.

Colin: Has hell frozen over? Tim’s story? How can Tim, the loudmouth, make a good story?

Melinda: You forget he’s married to Hope’s best friend. They have a truly romantic story behind their marriage as well. Just you wait and see.

Colin: I can’t wait to give him as much shit as he’s given me. Perfect!

Well, I certainly look forward to Tim's story! It'll be fun to see more of Colin and Hope, too! Thank you both so much for being here today and taking the time to talk with me!

Melinda: Thanks Chantel for such a wonderful interview. It’s been so much fun to interact with Colin again. 

Colin: Yeah, it was fun. I don’t get to take too much time off away from the clinic or from my family, so it’s been great. Thanks for having us.

About Melinda:

Melinda Dozier lives in Guatemala, Central America, with her husband, three boys and German Shepherd.  She enjoys being the queen of her household and dreams of being pampered fully by her boys once they’re grown. Learn more about her at www.melindadozier.com.

Want to connect with Melinda?
Twitter: https://twitter.com/MelindaDozier
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/melindadoz?fref=ts

Want to buy Breaking The Rules?
AMAZON: http://goo.gl/o3Chm
B&N: http://goo.gl/xApGh
iTUNES: http://goo.gl/T94cX
KOBO: http://goo.gl/PtCZX
Crimson Website: http://www.crimsonromance.com/upcoming-releases-romance-ebook/breaking-the-rules/
Add it on Goodreads: http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/17997608-breaking-the-rules

Melinda is giving away an ecopy of Breaking the Rules and winners choice of a Yankees or Red Sox baseball cap through her tour wide giveaway. Winners must enter via Rafflecopter and will be chosen on July 27.


  1. Thanks for having "us" Chantel. It's been a blast!

    1. I loved doing this interview! So much fun! Congratulations on the new release!!


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