Monday, July 22, 2013

#NewRelease Untameable Heat ~ Paranormal Romances

Looking for some heat this week? My friend, Dariel Raye, has teamed up with Kathryn Edgar and they have released some hot paranormal romance stories for your reading pleasure. They are having parties with giveaways and all sorts of fun on Facebook and a Rafflecopter giveaway. Join in the fun! But first, check out the books!

Kaden’s Reprieve  
Tanya has been running for her life for two years, but when Ms. Lillian, owner of the exclusive “Heaven’s Touch” match making service, graciously gives her a week’s stay at her private bed and breakfast in St. Augustine, FL, she seizes the opportunity to escape to a possible hideaway.

Kaden is of a rare and precious race prized for extraordinary abilities. He is also half-demon, remanded to Kushiel’s custody centuries ago. Allowed to leave Hell twice a year, three days each time – Beltane, and Samhain, his life thus far has been filled with slavery, torture, and despair, and he is nearly convinced that his soul is beyond redemption. Still, he longs for freedom. Can Tanya redeem him? Can Kaden dare hope for a reprieve?

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Lilith's Freedom
In the dark alleys of the St Louis riverfront sits a club known only to those evil enough to enter.   The club is called The Master’s Lair.  It is frequented by the evil underbelly of the supernatural world.  Lilith is a beautiful succubus entertaining nightly in the Lair.

Lilith has grown bored with her life.  She is ready for more.   The Master has promised her release from her succubus bonds is possible, except the price may be higher than she can afford.

Alex is hell bent on revenge.  An angel that watched his sister die in the clutches of a goblin drug ring, his main mission is to end their reign of death.   Going undercover as a fallen angel he throws himself into danger going inside The Master’s Lair. 

Meeting the beautiful Lilith wasn’t part of his revenge plan.  Yet, something in him wants to be her redemption.  Alex wonders if he can be the one to help Lilith attain the freedom she seeks or will he endanger them both?

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Happy reading, my friends! Have a fantastic week...with a bit of heat! 
~~ Chantel ~~


  1. I really like Succubus stories also :) Has anyone seen/loved Lost Girl as much as me? OMG so good lol! Can't wait to check out the books!

    1. They sound so good, don't they? Happy reading! Thanks for stopping by!

    2. Succubus stories are full of so much potential! I haven't seen Lost Girl, I'll have to look that up.

      Thanks Chantel for the post too!

  2. Both sound fabulous.


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