Monday, December 16, 2013

#NewRelease ~ 97 (Rise of the Battle Bred)

Title: 97 (Rise of the Battle Bred)
Author: V.L. Holt
Release Date: December 9, 2013
Genre: Teen/Young Adult Fantasy/Romance

Jane Burrows is the girl next door, well actually, five doors down from the new kid. She’s happy with her life: she’s got One True Friend, a set of wheels, and the best job ever, newspaper delivery girl! She’s not even super annoyed when William McLeod starts following her around like a puppy dog. He’s hot, after all. Except, what’s with the spooky overprotective thing? What’s with his stern opinions on ancient warfare? What’s with his evasive answers to the most simple questions? Just...what’s with William? If Jane’s honest with herself, she wants it to be her! 

William’s living on borrowed time. He’s got three lives left before his number is up, and his dad is forcing the issue. No fighting again. Never mind the Lochspawn are hot on their tails. Nevermind they might be incriminated in four grisly murders. Nevermind the girl of his dreams is monster bait. He’s supposed to sit on his hands and watch while his world goes up in Warloch flames? Yeah, no.

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V. L. Holt doesn't have time to write a novel, let alone a trilogy. Which is why she started it in January of 2013 and is enjoying every minute of it! Exploring paranormal worlds is way more interesting business than deciding which laundry soap to use or loading the dishwasher. Or vacuuming the stairs. Or changing diapers. Or just about everything her day-job entails. That being said, she wouldn't trade her SAHM job for anything, especially since she can write at the same time.

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