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#NewRelease ~ Mellifica: Wait For Me ~ Melissa Mayberry

Two great books are now available from Melissa Mayberry. These mature YA romances depict a coming of age tale based on a true story. Read on for the blurbs and excerpts for both books. They are on sale for a limited time for only 99 cents! Don't miss this!

Mellifica Devastating First Love - Book 1:

No one understands the obsession Melissa Quinn has with Arien Hart.

He’s different—misunderstood. The more her friends warn her of Arien’s questionable character, the more Melissa refuses to listen. Enchanted by Arien’s charisma, she plunges into an impassioned relationship, leaving her boyfriend, Sandy Bavetta. 

Melissa is blind to Arien’s faults, so Sandy has no choice but to leave it to fate.

When Arien's love destroys Melissa, Sandy fights for his girl before the consequences are devastating.

Excerpt from Book 1 Chapter 1:

The party fell quiet while we waited. A blue Dodge Caravan stopped at the edge of the beach. Oh yeah, Chad said he’d come. Even though the van was a brand new 1992 model, my cousin looked like a dork driving a minivan. “It’s okay. It’s my cousin, but keep the liquor in your bag, Shanna.”
“Aww, is Chad some kind of nark?” she asked.
I nodded. “Most likely.”
Chad stepped out, but to my surprise the passenger door opened too. Why would he bring a date to my birthday party? Asshole. It’d be better without him here, and definitely better without one of those girls he hung out with.
A stranger stepped out of the van, and his eyes fell right to mine. From a distance, he didn’t appear to be the geeky type of friend Chad always made. He wore a loose black tank top with Khaki shorts. His clothes seemed pretty normal, especially compared to Chad’s; my cousin wore a Henley tucked into his cargo shorts. The strange guy stared, and I couldn’t turn away.
 He came over with Chad, king of the geeks. Where did he get the confidence to stare at me? They walked closer, and even though the beach was dim, his onyx eyes struck me intensely. My chest tightened, and my heart raced. As if this guy gave him confidence, Chad walked a little straighter than usual.
“Hello, Melissa. Happy birthday,” Chad said.
I nodded, glanced at Chad for a second and then back to his guest.
“Oh, this is Arien, my best friend.” Chad gestured toward his tall, muscular friend. “And this is Melissa, my cousin.”
Arien nodded. “Hey.”
When did Chad get a best friend? I would have seen him before.  Something wasn’t right about this guy or his sudden appearance.
Sandy wrapped both arms around me and leaned closer to my ear. “Want to go for a walk?”
Sandy’s voice startled me. This suspicious stranger had my brain working overtime.  “Um, I do, but Chad just got here. I can’t be rude.” I turned to the new arrivals. “Food and drinks are on the table. Get a plate and come back to join us.”
            Why haven’t I met this guy? They returned from the table. Both had soda, but neither was eating. Chad turned toward the river where some people still played. “Who’s here?”
            I didn’t pay attention to Chad.
“Melissa, I asked you a question,” Chad said louder.
Everyone turned to me as I dropped my stare from Arien. A flame went through my body, and I wanted to run to the river’s edge. Arien smirked. He had been staring back, as if he had a chance with me. Huge ego—he must be Chad’s best friend.
I had to play the situation off as mere curiosity, so I squared my shoulders and cleared my throat. “So, Arien, if you and Chad are best friends, why haven’t we met?”
He looked at me and raised an eyebrow. “I guess we just missed each other.”  The warm gaze in his eyes made me think his words carried a double meaning. His wavy blond hair caught the sea breeze, and the firelight danced across his face.
I leaned against Sandy to ensure we all understood this stranger didn’t have a chance with me.

What do readers have to say?

5.0 out of 5 stars Gripping, Inspiring and Raw August 25, 2012
Format:Kindle Edition|Amazon Verified Purchase
Mellifica: Devastating First Love was an enthralling and inspiring piece of work. I found myself avoiding normal daily duties, just so that I could curl up with my kindle and find out what happened next! The main character, Mel, takes us on a journey of love, lust, pain, hope and devastation. She is strong-willed and passionate which only adds to the agony of seeing her dragged into a relationship that leaves her hollow. The author is truly a talent. The story itself is so raw and real and Mayberry delivers it with such vulnerability that one can't help but be completely swept away …
Truly a superb book. Well done Melissa and thank you for a great read.

And now, newly released, the continuation of Mellifica is available! 

Mellifica: Wait for Me - Book 2:

Caught in a war between her past and her future, one wrong step and Melissa Quinn loses everything.

Melissa Quinn found her happiness in the arms of Sandy Bavetta, but her ex, Arien Hart returns to Gloucester with a vengeance. Armed with Sandy’s family secret and an unlikely ally, Arien bombards Melissa with doubt, playing a game to divide and conquer.

No one knows her weaknesses like Arien. No one sees her strengths like Sandy.

Will she survive this battle of the heart?

Excerpt Book 2:
Arien’s version of how everything was supposed to be was worse than the apocalypse. “Things are exactly how they are supposed to be,” I said. “Now, get out.” My voice broke, as I continued. “I don’t love you. I loathe you. You ruined my life.”
Hot tears trickled to his palm when he touched my face.
“Honey Bee,” he whispered. “I know. I’m so sorry. Let me make it right again, please. You’re everything to me.”
Sobs bubbled from my lips. Maybe I did come here because I missed him. Had the last month been a fa├žade? Sandy was so perfect. Too perfect. Too good for me. Sandy didn’t deserve a girlfriend that would meet her ex boyfriend in a secluded cemetery. I was notorious for screwing up. The right thing never looked obvious to me. Trouble stalked me as easy prey.
“Aw, Honey Bee, don’t cry.” Arien put his other hand on my cheek, tilted my face towards him and leaned forward. Pure instinct and adrenaline poured through my veins. Surprise sparked in his eyes when I leaned back and swiftly met his cheek with my palm.

 Mellifica on Kindle
 Mellifica on Smashwords - Devastating First Love 

In a series of ironic events, Mellifica presented to Melissa Mayberry in such a way that she had to dust off her writing skills and put the story to paper. The story soon became her passion and rekindled her love of writing.

Living in the Blue Ridge of Virginia, Melissa works full time as a nurse, student and mother. Her past will haunt her until the story is told.

Facebook: Melissa Mayberry / Mellifica

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