Monday, August 4, 2014

#NewRelease ~ Foreigner In My Own Backyard

My friend Travis Casey has finally released his latest book. It's a humorous nonfiction accounting of his latest adventures, which I'm currently reading and enjoying (review to come soon). Here's what Travis had to say about this book:

"When I began writing for public consumption, I started with non-fiction. I've always loved writing NF and like putting a satirical slant on things, and sometimes even being slightly opinionated. When I moved into writing fiction, I had to become the character, which is a different kind of writing and I love the challenge.

Foreigner In My Own Backyard is a move back into non-fiction writing. Despite what may be thought about me or this book, the genuine meaning is not about me spouting off about what's wrong with the world - America in particular - but it's more my observations about what has changed since I lived in the country I once served to defend and protect. I now merely exercise my earned right to freedom of speech using my powers of observation.

However, being a novelist, the book begins with a journey from Florida to Minnesota with my wife, parents, and three dogs. I use my storytelling ability which puts everything in a comedic vein which is carried throughout the book. This is a fun, easy, light-hearted read. That's just my style.

Foreigner In My Own Backyard details my journey, trials, and tribulations of leaving my country of residence for the past twenty years, and returning to my country of birth and upbringing as I attempt to became an American again after living as a Brit for two decades.

If nothing else, I offer this as a change from other genres one may ordinarily read. A change is as good as a rest, they say, and Foreigner In My Own Backyard is just that type of book."
A family crisis brings Travis Casey back to the land he used to call home after living in England for the past two decades.

His parents need him – not as a carer as he expected, but as someone to drive them from Florida back to their home in Minnesota.

Just as well; he’s not a caring person, but he is a damn good driver.

But the country is not how he left it…

Casey uses his own brand of humor to explore what has changed in America since he lived there – that’s when he’s not recounting the chaos that occurs as he attempts to reestablish himself as an American. He discovers that entering the United States with his British wife is more difficult than he had anticipated.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.
--Chinese Proverb

A journey of seven thousand miles begins with a trip to the US Embassy

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