Sunday, March 11, 2012

Six Sentence Sundy 3/11/12

I think this could be fun for everyone.  I will post six sentences from one of my books every Sunday. Feel free to comment or give me suggestions to improve--whatever you feel like doing.  This first post is from chapter one of Always and Forever and I don't think requires explanation.  Enjoy!

The man eyed her with undisguised pity, and his gaze flicked to her left leg. He’d obviously noticed her limp. 

That limb would never be the same, but at least she could walk. A whisper of fear laced her spine as she remembered the cold steel at her neck, the white-hot pain as the knife slid into her belly. The man’s breath had smelled of onions, though he wore an expensive brand of cologne. Lilly’s mind refused to release these odd little details, and the terror of them returned in random moments.
Thanks for stopping by and taking a look.  You can look at other sentences from published and aspiring authors here  Happy Sunday, everyone!


  1. Welcome to SSS! Excited to see you doing this! And great snippet, you paint a very vivid scene and I loved the last line! It gives a nice, unique way to see how it feels to have such a horrible memory and a stupid brain that won't forget!

  2. It's really a neat program. Thanks for letting me know about it, Angela. And I loved your snippet this week! So happy that I'm lucky enough to beta read your book, and the scene your sharing is one of my favorites! Thanks for stopping by. Have a fantastic week!

  3. Welcome to SSS!

    I love your use of memory in these six, especially the smell of onions. You've really grounded me in her world.

  4. Brilliantly done. Smells are some of our strongest memories, so it makes perfect sense that she can't forget that.

  5. Thanks, Monica and Kate. I appreciate you stopping by and your kind comments. I had to share this, cause I was partial to the scents myself. I read both of your six as well. Very interesting stories you are writing!


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