Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Writing Tip Wednesdays

In the spirit of deciding what I'm doing with this blog, I've decided Wednesdays will be for my writer friends and want-to-be-writer friends.  I'll share a site I've found that help toward this goal on Wednesdays.

The hardest thing about writing is knowing where to start.  As I explained before, when I started with my first book (the one that fizzled at 150 pages) I had no clue what I was doing.  I tried to remember anything I might have learned back in school.  I knew there were problems with my book, characters, plot--I just didn't know exactly what they were.

I decided I needed help.  Lucky for me, I found Holly Lisle. Ms. Lisle is a wonderful author (and for those readers who are here, if you like fantasy, try her books--my favorite is Talyn).  She has tons of articles on writing.  If you are just starting out and learning, you will be sucked into her web site for weeks, unable to do anything else--at least I was.  To get started, check out her how-to articles here.  I eventually ended up purchasing a couple of her clinics and moved on to take her How To Think Sideways writing boot camp.  Very informative.  However, the article section of her site has a lot of free information.

If you are looking for writing inspiration, or need help because you have an idea for a book, I'd recommend you make this your first stop.  She has free articles on how to plot, how to create characters, how to decide if the book you are writing should be continued or burned.  She even offers help on learning to listen to your Muse.  I love this web site!

Happy writing, everyone.  Have a terrific week!


  1. I discovered her when I was first writing, too! Went through a lot of her articles when working on my first novel (not the one you are reading)

  2. She is fabulously helpful for the new writer, isn't she? Love her stuff. Thanks for stopping by, Angela!


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