Monday, September 10, 2012

#BookReview - After Ten by Michele Shriver

Michele Shriver's After Ten: 5/5 stars

After TenAfter Ten is an interesting story about the trials of growing up and how things aren't always what you think they'll be.  Michele Shriver does a great job in this book of showing us the lives of four friends from law school, ten years after they graduate.

I love seeing how things in their lives did (or didn't) go according to plan in the years since the women parted ways.  It all builds until we see their reunion with each other, none of them knowing whether friendship can be repaired after feelings that were hurt in the past.

I read this book in just three days once I started it. The beginning started out a little different, and it took me time to get used to going between present day and flashbacks, but overall it worked once I became accustomed to it.

I admire the way this author doesn't shy away from writing about tough issues. Terrific novel and I can't wait for Michele Shriver's next one.

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