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#Spotlight on Author Jennifer Donohoe

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Today, Jennifer Donohoe agreed to stop by for a visit and tell us about her book. I just started reading, The Legend of the Travelers: Willow's Journey. So far, I really like it. Here's the blurb to tell you a little bit about it.

Left without a memory after a brutal attack, Willow struggles to remember what happened to her and who did it. Her mother is missing and Willow is the last traveler who can find the Four Jewels of legend. In a life filled with Celtic gods, Japanese legends, Native American folklore, and a guardian fairy that does more harm than good, Willow learns everyone she meets has a stake in the choice she will have to make. Surrounded by those who are torn between aiding her and killing her, she works to put the pieces together and figure out who she can trust. As the mystery unfolds into the ultimate betrayal, Willow has to decide if she can fulfill her destiny regardless of the consequences.

I’ve really enjoyed the first few chapters. Do you want to tell us a little bit about the book? Specifically, what is a Traveler?
A Traveler is someone who can travel to the past. They cannot change anything, but only observe it. The original Traveler hid the Tuatha de Danaan’s Four Jewels from impending invasion. Since that time, all Travelers who came after him have searched for them with no avail. An old witch placed a curse on the original Traveler adding to the treachery of finding the Four Jewels. They usually end up going insane and killing those they love. Willow, as far as she knows, is the last Traveler and the only one able to recover these talismans to give back to their rightful owners.

Wow! Sounds like a rough sort of life. I'm sure it must be hard on Willow to know this is her likely fate.

Who is your favorite character from the story and why?
I like Willow, but Saille is my favorite. She’s quite the character and has many secrets of her own. She doesn’t get along with many people and tries to help Willow, but often gets her into more trouble.

One of those situations where with friends like that, Willow doesn't need enemies.

What inspired you to write this story? Have you always loved the fantasy genre?
I’ve always enjoyed the fantasy genre, but I wanted something a little different out there. I read about the Celtic Legends and decided to add other myths like the Japanese legends of dragons and the Native American folklore of shape shifters. I tried to intertwine these legends into a story that is unique and different, but still teaches something to the reader. 

What do you love about writing? What do you hate?
I love writing in general. It allows me to create new and exciting places, people, and events. The process of creation has always inspired me. I grew up with a long line of writers and story-tellers. I guess it’s in my bones.

The one thing I dislike about writing is the grammar. I’m poor at it and have a hard time getting it right at times.

I think grammar's hard for all of us. That's what an editor is for, right? ;-)

What advice do you have for other aspiring writers?
Don’t give up. Always keep your hopes alive and be open to suggestions and honest feedback. It can only help make your story even better.

What’s next for you?
There are four more books to The Legend of the Travelers. The Dragon King should be out by late fall or early winter 2013. However, I do have an interim book I’ve written entitled, Fly Away. It’s an Urban Fantasy. Basically, it’s a combination of Dante’s Inferno and The Neverending Story. Some critters have called it the grown up version of The Neverending Story.

Awe - I loved The Neverending Story.  Sounds like your new book is interesting. Plus, I love that there are more books to the Travelers planned. I'm the kind of reader who finds an author I like and sticks to them.

Anything else you’d like to talk about?
Join a critique group. There are some great ones out there. The Internet Writing Workshop and Critique Circle have helped me tremendously.

Definitely! I suggest that to everyone I know too. Critique Circle has helped me learn a lot over the last year!

Thank you so much for being here today, Jennifer, and chatting with me! I wish you lots of success!

To connect with Jennifer, here are her links. 

Twitter: @DonohoeJennifer
Author of: The Legend of the Travelers: Willow's Journey
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Thanks for stopping by. I hope you all have a terrific week. Happy reading!



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