Monday, September 24, 2012

#BookReview ~ Shiver Sweet by H.C. Elliston

Romantic Suspense Thriller Shiver Sweet.

Author:  H.C. Elliston
My rating:  4 stars

Shiver Sweet is the newest in H.C. Elliston's line of suspense novels. It is definitely worth reading.

Christa and Nicola live in a remote location far from other houses and a huge snowstorm comes through town, complicating matters further. They are separated when Christa goes to look for her missing daughter, and Nicola gets the surprise of her life. Things aren't what they appear. You never know who's watching.

Honestly, this started off a little slow for me because I had a hard time connecting with Christa at the very beginning. However, I absolutely loved Nicola, and her chapters kept me eagerly reading along. I think it might have been the way things switched from first-person point of view to third-person point of view. I'm much more partial to third person. However, about 30% through, Christa and I started clicking as well and then I could not put it down.

The author kept upping the tension throughout this story, and things just got better and better as I went along.  A true romantic at heart, I liked to see the little love story played out in this book as well.  Everything blended together to lead up to the perfect ending.

I thought the plot was well-constructed and the bad guys creepy. Overall, a good read that I recommend.

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