Saturday, September 8, 2012

#Romantic Suspense, Always & Forever, Available Now

A suspected murderess flees her former life in search of tranquility, but ghosts she left behind refuse to die, threatening to destroy her happiness.

Lilly Price is desperate to escape public scrutiny once released from her incarceration. She moves to a lakeside community in hopes of remaining anonymous while rebuilding her tattered life.

Widowed Zach Woodbridge is in no hurry to find a new bride. He longs for a peaceful summer, writing at his lakeside cottage. Things change after an introduction to his grandmother’s new assistant, Lilly.

When Lilly’s secrets are revealed, can their fragile relationship weather the storm?  And when a man from the past returns to reclaim Lilly, using any force necessary, can she and Zach protect the people they love?

CONTENT WARNING: Violence, mild language, sizzling love scenes.

I chose September 14th as the official day to kick things off for the release of Always & Forever. However, since I finished it early and have had time to figure out how things work, I decided to do an announcement now before the blog tour kicks off.

You can buy Always & Forever on Amazon Kindle:
Amazon Paperback:
Barnes & Noble Nook:
Or add it to your Goodreads TBR pile here:

I'm very excited to have this book available. I hope you all enjoy it. I certainly enjoyed writing it.  You can check out the first two chapters by clicking either here or the above tab that says Always & Forever. Don't forget to check out my blog tour that starts on September 14th and visit the websites of all the great folks hosting me and see what they are up to.

Have a wonderful rest of your weekend! I'll be very busy with the blog tour, but I'm excited about it. I'm also typing away on my current work in progress. Once the hubbub settles down about the release, I'll tell you more about Madeline and Donovan and give you a short snippet. They are having major problems in their little community. Murders, frame jobs, all sorts of issues going on there.



  1. Hooray! and congratulations! Love that you were ahead of schedule. This never happens in software development. Too many broken builds and last minute checkins and patches.

    Good job and looking forward to your next book.

    1. Haha - You know all about "Broken Build"s don't you? Thanks so much! Have a great weekend!


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