Friday, September 7, 2012

Paints a Beautiful Picture ~ #Spotlight on Author Monterey Sirak

Onward in my goal of introducing you to all my great critique partners at This week, I want to talk about my good friend, Monterey Sirak.  Monterey and I met shortly after I started on critique circle a year ago. Her writing is so beautiful, so wonderful, I knew I had to get to know more about this person and learn from her.

Monterey is as beautiful a person on the inside as her wonderful writing suggests. She has become a true friend to me, and I am so grateful to know her. She writes poetry, and if ever a picture was painted with words, Monterey knows how to do this. Mostly, I've been reading her short stories, and she recently had one, Past Treasures, published in an on-line magazine.  You will be amazed at her skill.  Here's the link

Monterey is currently working on her memoir, which I have had the privilege of reading. I won't say her life has all been sunshine and bunnies, but she has an incredible strength that comes through in her writing, making it all the more wonderful to read.

Monterey has also had three books of poetry published, available through Amazon. Check out the covers and links to each Amazon page below. If you love poetry, you definitely don't want to miss out on her work.

The River of Liquid Dreams
The River of Liquid Dreams on Amazon
Her last name was different on this one, but it's still Monterey

In the Presence of Shadows
In the Presence of Shadows Amazon link

Faith Like a Dandelion
Faith Like a Dandelion Amazon link

Happy reading and writing, everyone! Have a terrific weekend!


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