Monday, April 30, 2012

Books I Love ~ Dangerous ~ 4/30

I had a truly wretched time picking a favorite to recommend from this author, Amanda Quick.  If you like historical romance, I can't recommend her highly enough.  I've been pouring through one of her more recent novels, Burning Lamp, trying to finish it in time for today's blog post.  Alas, I've not been able to finish it in time.  That said, this book is not my favorite one by her, and I decided to highlight one of her books that I truly love.

Let me reiterate before I move on, there is nothing wrong with Burning Lamp, but it is one of her Arcane Society Novel's where the heroes and heroines have psychical abilities.  These are good books with wonderful story lines, but sometimes I feel we are asked to go out on a limb to enjoy these books and I like the straightforward romantic suspense of her earlier tales.

My pick this week is Dangerous.  Book description from Amazon: From a magnificent ballroom ablaze with lights to an imposing country house steeped in shadows comes a breathtaking tale of an impetuous miss--and a passion that leads to peril...

At five and twenty, Prudence Merryweather knew very well tht risks a woman took by visiting a gentleman in the dead of night. But bearding the notorious Earl of Angelstone in his den was the only way to stop him from engaging her hot-headed brother in a duel. And that was why she found herself ushered into Sebastian's frobidding presence at three int the morning--and thoroughly kissed before dawn.

She was a country-bred innocent--and an intriguing experience for a man who dwelt more in the shadows than in the sunshine. Yet as her boldness drew Prue into one dangerous episode after another, Sebastian found himself torn between a raging hunger to possess her and a driving need to protect her. And the reckless beauty would soon need all the protection she could get...

Really, any of Quick's earlier books have a special place in my heart and I've read all the ones I own several times. In fact, while researching for pictures to use on this blog, I found three early books that I've yet to read! I can't wait to order them and get to it. Some of you may know, Amanda Quick is the historical suspense writing pseudo name for already-recommended contemporary romantic suspense author Jayne Ann Kretnz. I've yet to read any books from her future romantic suspense alter ego, Jayne Castle, but I imagine they are probably good reads as well.

Just to caution you, sometimes her heroes can be a little alpha (a bit more than I like anyway) but her strong females more than make up for this and often end up saving the big male instead.  She never disappoints with anything she delivers, and I don't think you could go wrong with any of her books if you like historical romance with a splash of mystery. 

Happy reading, everyone!  Deadlocked, the new Sookie Stackhouse novel by Charlaine Harris (recommended previously by me here) will be to my house on May 4th!  I'm going to be in reading Heaven for a while as I re-read that series this week! Have a great one!

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