Sunday, April 22, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday ~ 4/22

It's time for Six Sentence Sunday again.  This week I decided to let you all know what happened after Lilly answered the door last week.  Poor Zach, he really needs to work on his charm!

“You might as well bring those things into the kitchen,” Lilly said.
Zach stepped into the house and kicked the door closed behind him, following as Lilly led the way through her tiny living room.  She leaned heavily onto a cane with every step she took, her limp more pronounced than usual.  He hadn’t meant to startle her earlier.  He had only wanted to be near her, to be helpful.  Nearly knocking her down hadn’t been part of his plan for seduction. 
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  1. That's funny! The last sentence killed me! Great job, Chantel!

  2. I love the inner struggle that Zach is having. He needs to redeem himself.

  3. Great insight into Zach! And ooooh he's got plans for seduction, I didn't realize that from earlier. Loved the last line :)


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