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Spotlight Interview ~ Cate Beauman, Romantic Suspense Author

Today, I’m excited to have Cate Beauman on my blog, a fellow romantic suspense author! She has three New Releases in her Bodyguards of L.A. County series! I love the covers! They are all so beautiful! I appreciate you being here, Cate!

Hi, Chantel! Thanks so much for having me! 

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So, I understand you released three books on October 13th.  

I did. The first three novels in the Bodyguards of L.A. County are officially available. I wasn’t sure this day would ever come! 

All three have been ranked on Amazon’s Hot 100 New Releases! That is so awesome! Congratulations! 

Thank you so much. I was pleasantly shocked!

I've been watching your books climb in the rankings, and it is absolutely fabulous that Morgan's Hunter has already reached Best Seller status in Romantic Suspense. Tell us a little about this. I bet you are excited!

Yes, I'm pretty thrilled! As an author we all hope our books will do well, but all three novels are doing so much better than I ever expected. I'm so happy my readers are enjoying the series. This really is a dream come true! 

It really is great! Okay, let's get down to the nitty-gritty.  Tell us a little bit about these great books! Is this a series? Can each book stand alone, or do they need to be read in order? 

Each novel in The Bodyguards of L.A. County series showcases a particular close protection agent of Ethan Cooke Security. Morgan’s Hunter, book one in the series, introduces us to Hunter Phillips and Morgan Taylor. Morgan and Hunter travel to backcountry Yellowstone in search of answers. Morgan’s wildlife research team has been found brutally murdered. When Morgan and Hunter get too close to the truth, they find themselves in serious danger.

In Falling for Sarah, the second story in the series, long-time friends Ethan Cooke and Sarah Johnson heat up the pages as Ethan fights to save Sarah from a psychopathic stalker.

In Hailey’s Truth, book number three, Austin Casey and Hailey Roberts travel hundreds of miles from Los Angeles on a humanitarian mission that goes catastrophically wrong when Cozumel residents start dying. The situation worsens when they discover that the horrific violence links back to Hailey’s past.

Although each book can stand alone, you’ll be reintroduced to the characters of Ethan Cooke Security as their stories continue to develop and unfold. 

Sounds great! Apparently a lot of people thought so. Debuting that high on Amazon is a great accomplishment! Which book is your favorite and why? 

This is a hard one… I truly can’t pick. The agents of Ethan Cooke Security have their similarities: they’re muscular hotties with dangerous jobs. After that, they’re so different. Hunter is reluctantly kind due to the traumas of his past. Ethan is so paternal and intense. Austin is a sweetheart with just enough bad-boy mixed in to make him…delicious! The dynamics between the women they encounter keep the sparks flying throughout the novels. I really enjoyed writing them all! 

They all sound dreamy! Sometimes we all need a little reading time with a muscular hottie! I have to know, have you ever developed a crush on (or had the hots for) one of your characters? Who and why? 

Again, this is tricky. There are little pieces of Hunter, Ethan and Austin that make my blood run hot. Honestly though, I think I have the biggest crush on Hunter. There’s something irresistible about trying to break through a man’s defenses to get to that gooey, sweet center. Blonde hair, tropical blue eyes, muscles that won’t quit, and bit of emotional repression equals yum! 

Blue eyes and muscles! Double yum!  When did you start writing? What made you want to write? 

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I started writing in October 2010. I truly believe there was a bit of divinity involved! I LOVE to read. If I get my hands on the right book, it’s all over. I have a hard time coming up for air, but writing never crossed my mind. My family and I relocated from New Hampshire to Tennessee during the summer of 2010. After a difficult search, I finally landed a job that I ended up hating. I promptly quit a month later. For two weeks straight I pretty much gorged myself on chocolates while I read several Nora Roberts novels. One evening as I crawled into bed, an idea struck. I literally picked up a pad of paper and said, “I’m going to write a novel.” I wrote a novel—Morgan’s Hunter. The plot for Falling for Sarah circled through my mind after that. Hailey’s Truth followed shortly after. I’ve been obsessed ever since. I can’t imagine doing anything else! 

I totally know what you are saying…I’ve become obsessed too! So, what do you love about writing…and what do you hate? 

There are so MANY things I love about writing! I’m not sure I’ll ever get tired of the satisfaction that comes along with watching a novel unfold on my laptop. It’s always such an amazing feeling when you’ve written the last word and somehow, you’ve pulled a plot and characters together to make a story that you hope readers will enjoy. I want readers to get lost in a great adventure and enjoy the characters I’ve created. 

I think the only thing I hate about writing is the fear that I won’t be able to come up with the next story. I’m constantly terrified that I won’t be able to pull a plot together or I won’t be able to find the words. Somehow it always works out, but there’s this weight that sits on my shoulders until I officially type the last sentence and can say, ‘the end’. 

I understand that fear. It seems the ideas show up though, although sometimes they take a little time. Where do you get your story ideas? 

I’m obsessed with crime TV and documentaries. Sometimes plots just pop into my head, but several of my ideas come from crime television. I sit with a pad of paper and pen close by just in case a situation gets my imagination churning. From there I usually let my mind ‘play’ with it until I have enough conflict to make an outline. 

Are the events in your book or your characters based on someone you know, or events in your own life? 

I wish my life was as exciting as the men and women of Ethan Cooke Security! Unfortunately, most everything I write is strictly fiction. I definitely wouldn’t hate being surrounded by L.A.’s top close protection agents, though! 

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Did you learn anything from writing your books and what was it? 

I’ve learned so much both personally and professionally! Writing is a seriously hard job. Not only does it take a top-notch imagination but a heck of a lot of skill and determination. Writers’ poses tenacity in spades… or insanity! I choose to believe it’s the first of the two. 

I think the research aspect of writing has taught me a ton. You really have to know your stuff if you want to create a believable story your readers can immerse themselves in. 

Very true. We have to become proficient in all sorts of subjects. I’ve been reading how courts work for my latest WIP. It is a lot of work! What’s next for you? Any new books in the works?

I’m currently writing Forever Alexa, the fourth novel in the Bodyguards of L.A. County Series, which I hope to release in the spring of 2013. We’ll follow Jackson Matthews, Ethan Cooke Security’s newest hottie with a great sense of humor as he helps a woman from his past, Alexa Harris. When Alexa finds herself mixed up in the dangerous and disturbing world of sex trafficking, she’ll have no choice but to turn to him and reveal secrets she’s kept from him for four years. 

Sounds like another one for Amazon’s Hot 100 New Releases! Good luck with the books! Can’t wait to read them all! 

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Happy reading everyone! 
P.S. Don't forget my new policy and read the samples before you buy! Everyone's tastes are different. 

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