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Spotlight on Deborah Palumbo and The Undeparted Series

I am so excited to have Deborah Palumbo here today. Deborah is a very prolific writer with eight--soon to be nine--books available! She writes in many genres, including paranormal, mystery, and historical. So, without further ado, let’s get to it! 

Tell us a little bit about your paranormal/romance/mystery series, The Undeparted

So far I have three books in the series: The Undeparted, The Ascent of the Undeparted and the soon to be released The Banished One.

Starting with book one, the beautiful mortal Cassandra is trying to figure out if she was actually bitten by a handsome vampire and whisked away to his castle and then laid gently back in her own bed, or if it was a very vivid dream, one which has left her to contemplate her own sanity. The question is soon answered for her when the sexy, rich Quentin Castle, the father of all vampires pursues her. She just doesn't trust him, is scared to death of him and does her best to avoid him because quite honestly, she's drawn to him, really attracted to him but is trying to remain faithful to her boyfriend; not to mention the fact she wants to remain mortal. 

I have to admit, I’ve been bitten by the vampire love going around. Are your vampires scary, traditional vampires, or hot, want-to-date-that-undead-man vampires? 

My vampires are definitely those hot, "want to date that undead man" vampires. They're definitely not your typical cape wearing, can't come out during the day vampires; nor do crosses make them cower or stakes kill them. In fact, Quentin drives a million dollar McLaren and lives in a gorgeous castle on the hill and could be on the cover of GQ; unless of course, he's angry and the veins in his cheeks streak red and his skin turns to a white pallor and his fangs protrude. Other than that, you definitely want to jump in bed with him! 

Sounds dreamy when he's not mad! I'm going to need to move these ones up on my TBR list (why is that list always so long? I need more reading time!).

Will you tell us about your upcoming release of book 3 in The Undeparted series, The Banished One

Well first off, The Banished One is a sexier, steamier sequel in spite of it being filled with murder and mayhem….vampire murder and mayhem that is. 

It's about a serial killer vampire named Lucius who's still wreaking havoc on the sleepy town in Tower City, and since he's supernatural he can't be captured by normal police procedure 

A frustrated Lieutenant Welby refuses to believe that the elusive Lucius, the one responsible for those dead bodies in his town, is a vampire; that defies logic. There's got to be another explanation for those fang marks in the victims' throats. 

Welby remains a staunch disbeliever in vampires until the coroner, Doc McMahon, causes him to change his mind! 

Doc shows Welby his ancestral journal from the 1700's regarding Quentin Castle, the father of all vampires. 

Welby is whisked back in time as he reads those yellowed pages filled with encounters of beautiful women being lured to their mortal doom and transformed into vampires by the handsome and charming Quentin. 

But what causes Welby to finally be convinced, is a series of preternatural events and the coroner's scientific evidence! 

Welby then follows the old town rumors about vampires right to Quentin and his gothic castle to enlist Quentin's supernatural aid in capturing Lucius. 

Will Quentin, the only one who can stop Lucius' vampire tirades, help the Lieutenant or make him one of The Undeparted? 

Will Quentin battle Lucius and send Lucius to the bowels of hell for eternity, finally ensuring that Cassandra is safe from her old beau? Will the old coal mining town be safe at last? 

When will The Banished One be available? 

The cover was released on Halloween for the week on my blog: and on various friends' blogs: 

10/31 I had stops at: ,,

On 11/1
On 11/8 

Let's keep our fingers crossed and hope the book goes live in December.

We'll be hoping it comes out on time! When did you start writing? What made you want to be a writer? 

Talk about fate. I had always wanted to write novels since I was a kid, but it took a period of long confinement to bring about that dream. 

I started writing hot and heavy in the 90's and it wasn't until 2010 that I dusted off my files, edited and self-published my work. I wrote extensively in 2011 and through this year, publishing 8 novels. The 9th, The Banished One as you know is soon to be released. 

Sounds like it has been a long journey, but you have sure accomplished a lot! Congratulations! That is amazing. What do you like to do when you're not writing? 

Think about what I'm going to write next! I live a very quiet, subdued life. When I'm not writing I enjoy relaxing at home; occasionally in front of the TV watching the old black and white shows or listening to 70's music. I'd prefer to play cards or Scrabble rather than go to a club. I'd rather take a long drive on a country road than jet off somewhere. I love to cook for friends. 

I understand you also have a 1948 crime noir novel available, When the Temperature Rises, of which you are currently working on the sequel. What to tell us about this? 

Well, I'm introducing Detective Humphrey Hilton McAllister. Humphrey was constantly skirt chasing; blonde dames were like magnets and he had absolutely no self-control. His other device was consuming too much of the funny water. Yeah, yeah he shook those nasty habits like dance hall girls doing the hoochie coochie, but not before his wife divorced him or before he ruined his relationship with his boss. Potbellied Captain Milroy has lost all faith in his Detective and reluctantly turns over the Santino case to Humph. Humph has 48 hours to solve it or he's gonna be demoted from homicide to following bed jumpers at sleazy motels. But Humphrey has taken a few spins with corpses in his time, so he's confident he can do it. 

The clues take Humphrey on a journey to some pretty interesting people; some are voluptuous blonde dames that attract the Detective like magnets, others are boxers who could lay Humphrey out with one right hook. But the most interesting suspect comes right out of left field like some fly ball: Roberta, Humphrey's ex-wife. 

Now what you have to understand about Humphrey is he's still carrying a torch for Roberta, so hauling her in is the last thing he wants to do. In fact, Humphrey's thinking he'll see ice skating in hell before he slaps handcuffs on her. 

But he does have a job to do and the law to uphold. 

Now I can't tell you bupkis about what happens for obvious reasons; whether or not he slaps a steel bracelet on his ex and hauls her off or not or let's her walk into the sunset.... you'll have to read the novel WHEN THE TEMPERATURE RISES.

Deborah's books are available on her website, ebook and paperback, on


Click below to buy any of the books featured here on Amazon.  While you're there, check out Deborah's other books too!

Thanks for being here, Deborah! Good luck with all your many projects! We'll be looking forward to The Banished One

Visit Deborah's blog on 12/1, as celebrity guest, Jordan Rhodes, will be there to support Deborah and her books and new release, The Banished OneHe will also discuss his new theatrical film release and his play-turned DVD! You don't want to miss that!

Have a great weekend everyone!
P.S. Don't forget my new policy and read the samples before you buy! Everyone's tastes are different. 


  1. Chantel, thanks for this great spot on your blog! I had a wonderful time, a lot of fun and hope your readers did too.
    I'm really excited to release book 3 in the series! Hey a reminder that The Undeparted is FREE this weekend 11/17 n 11/18 on amazon!

    1. It was great to have you, Deborah! Good luck with the free promotion and thanks for letting us all know about it!


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