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Current projects, the future, and an excerpt

Happy Wednesday! 

Halfway through. I can't say that I'm ever sad to see us getting closer to a Friday! So, I told you Monday that I'd let you know what I was working on, what my plans were, and maybe have you weigh in on those plans. Obviously, my #1 plan is to finish my Agents in Love series in 2014/2015, as I'm not going to leave you all hanging with that. Right now, I'm writing Book 2 - Love & Redemption, and I'm really having a lot of fun! As much as I enjoyed Carlie and Nick, I love Shelley and Gavin. For different reasons, and it is a much different type of book, but I'm at about 40K right now and I'm loving it! However, I do find myself staring at a lot of pictures like this: 

just to get me in the spirit of what I'm doing. 

I know when I finish Love & Redemption, I'm moving right into working on Love & Compromise, which will feature our little FBI hacker, Jenessa Jones and President Sharp's youngest son, Kole, as my main characters. I have a lot of ideas about this book running through my head, and this series is already turning into something much different than I thought it would. I think (and don't quote me on this) there will be two more books, Love & Murder and Love & Vengeance. I know who the last book will feature, but I'm going to keep that a secret for now, in case my muse changes her mind. I hate making promises I can't keep.

If my hands hold on and my headaches stay to a dull roar, I hope to write all of these books in 2014 so that the series can be released in its entirety by early-ish 2015. No hard dates, because when I do this as a part-time in my spare-time job, I can't guarantee the speed with which I'll write. Safest to say, as fast as I can. :-) 

After that, though, I have a choice of projects that clamor for my attention, and I thought it would be a good idea to ask my readers if any of these ideas even interest you, since you are ultimately who I'm writing for (well, besides myself...if I don't enjoy it, none of us will). My first idea is a contemporary romance series that will have likely four books. It will be McCallister's Paradise and is about a family that runs a resort area on their own private island in warmer waters near Hawaii. This book will follow all the children through their trials and getting married off to the right mate. 

The other idea is one I've actually had for years. I don't have a name for the series, but I do know the characters. Faith and Evan. Faith is a psychic who sometimes consults for the police department on cases they can't solve. Evan is a private detective who does not believe in psychic abilities. So, yeah. They should be all sorts of fun to write. I think the books will be a trilogy in which they work on a murder in each book, but their romance will slowly build throughout the series. I'm not even sure you could classify it as a strict romance, since they won't be getting down and dirty in every book, but the trilogy, as a whole, would ultimately be a grander-scale romance.

Besides that, I have a few stand-alone romantic suspense book ideas climbing inside my head. I really don't know if there is room in there for me anymore! There are plenty of voices going on!!

So what do you all think? What's your favorite idea for me to build upon next in the grand scheme of things. Is there an idea here that you absolutely hate and wouldn't want to read the books? An idea you positively love? Any input is greatly appreciated! 

Since you're all super patient, and I know how hard it is waiting for books to come out, I decided to give you the first scene of Love & Redemption so you can get a look at Gavin Hart. I really like him. I think you will too! I'm doing a cover reveal about a month before this releases, so I can't share the entire cover with you, but here is what Gavin and Shelley look like, just to give you a visual. Can't wait to share the whole cover. It is HOT!! 

Love & Redemption
Book 2 - Agents in Love
Copyright 2013 Chantel Rhondeau
Chapter One
Gavin Hart held his breath, hoping the two thugs wouldn’t look up and notice the cover missing from the ventilation duct or spot him inside it. No matter how good he was at body control, Gavin couldn’t shimmy through the large ductwork without alerting them to his presence. If only he’d been able to get away before they entered the room. Now, he helplessly watched the scene unfolding in the room beneath him.
The blonde opera starlet held out a small black bag, fidgeting her feet as she looked at the ground. “They said you’d have money. What’s with the guns?” Her hands trembled when the skinnier of the two men snatched the bag away. Perhaps she figured, as Gavin did, that the thugs didn’t plan to pay.
A slimy grin flitted across the darker-skinned man’s face. He hefted his gun. “The boss ordered a change in plans, Sierra.” He twisted a silencer onto the end of the pistol.
“The boss?” Sierra dropped to her knees and a tear tracked down her cheek. “No. Please, don’t kill me. Just take the diamonds.”
The man’s partner shook his head, brushing sandy hair from his eyes. “You know things don’t work that way. It was only a matter of time before we caught up with you. You should have vetted your customers better.”
“He’s going ahead with the bracelets? I’d hoped to stop him.” Sierra bowed her head and clasped her hands together, murmuring what sounded like a prayer.
“That won’t save you.” The dark man took a step forward and pressed the barrel of the gun against her head. “Such a waste of talent. You could have been a top S.A.T.O. agent if you hadn’t turned your back on Paul. You knew he needed these diamonds.”
Gavin swallowed down his horror, wishing he could do something to stop the inevitable. It would be foolish to try and save her. She took a risk by selling the high-quality diamonds. Whoever Paul was, he wasn’t the only person interested in them. Several clients approached Gavin about acquiring them. He didn’t know why they were special, but it was a bigger score than he’d landed in a long time.
Below Gavin, the man pulled the trigger and his weapon made a soft sound, almost like that of a pellet gun. Sierra collapsed to the ground. Red oozed from a small wound in the front of her head, trickling down the starlet’s face. Gavin then made the mistake of looking at the back of her head. What was left of it.
Jerking involuntarily, he bit back bile rising in his throat and slid slightly on the slick ductwork. His foot hit the side of the vent shaft, sounding out a loud, metallic ring.
He tried to lean into the shadows, but the skinny man’s head snapped up and his blue eyes locked onto Gavin’s.
“Terrance,” he murmured. “We have a problem.”
That's all I have for you for now. If you missed the first book in the series and happened upon this post by accident, you can still vote for what you think I should focus on after this series, but be sure to check out the "Books by Chantel" tab and see where you can get my titles! Oh, I almost forgot! Thanks a million to everyone for all your support and for the great reviews you've been leaving on all my books lately. I don't comment on the reviews, because I find that unprofessional, but I do read them, and it means the world to me! 

Time for me to get back to work! Let me know what you think and have a happy day!!
~~ Chantel ~~


  1. I'd love to see the contemporary romance series, but also the Faith and Evan stories. You have so many great ideas. I can't wait to read them all. :)

    1. Thank you so much! I'm glad to know there is some interest in the contemporary series. I have another vote for it on my FB page too. I think there might be too many ideas...I need to write faster! ;-)


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