Thursday, November 28, 2013

#NewRelease ~ Forbidden Trouble ~ Military Romance/Humor

Title: Forbidden Trouble 
(Tyler's Trouble Trilogy Book 3) 
Author: Travis Casey
Genre: Military Romance/Humor
Release Date: November 25, 2013

Powerful women are his weakness. Trouble is his strength

Tyler Chambers doesn't have to look for trouble, it finds him. He is not happy when his assignment is switched from living a carefree life sailing around the South Pacific to working in a stressful environment in the cold, wet climate of Scotland.
The last thing he wants is responsibility, but his efforts to avoid it wind up impressing his boss, Naval officer Darcy Novak - and she does not impress easily. Tyler is seduced by her position of power and changes his tactics, aching for her attention.

As she gives him more responsibility, the relationship edges to being more than just professional. But they must fight their true feelings as their personal affection for one another is forbidden by Navy regulations.

Quality Assurance Inspector and co-worker Charlotte Kemp doesn't have the same code of ethics and uses her professional power for her own personal pleasure. When her lust goes too far, Tyler's world is thrown into chaos, forcing him into some tough choices and a web of lies.

Wanting the wrong woman turns out to be more trouble than Tyler bargained for. His work life fixing submarines is hectic, but he must also fight forbidden desires while shunning a man eater.

"Tyler, you stole my heart. You stuck up for me when I couldn't have. You came to my rescue when others wouldn't have. And you loved me when you shouldn't have. All I can say is…I'm glad you did."

Join Tyler as he weaves his way through trouble in Scotland … and a Loch of Trouble  

Though you could read Forbidden Trouble on its own as a complete story, I highly recommend Travis Casey's first two books in the Tyler's Trouble Trilogy. Racy, raunchy humor of an adult nature with a lot of sexcapades and thrills. Check them out at Amazon too!

You can also connect with Travis at his website

If you want some fun, fast, humorous reading on the naughty side to laugh off your Thanksgiving feast, Travis Casey is always a great bet. Happy reading!!

~~ Chantel ~~

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