Monday, November 18, 2013

Life gets busy! Checking in.

Hello my happy reader friends! So, I know I haven't really done any personal-type posts in forever! It's been a crazy few months...really ever since summer. Getting both my kids off to college, then fighting a headache every day for 6 weeks, all while trying to finish and launch Love & Deception (Book 1 - Agents in Love). It's been a rather wild ride. I wasn't sure I was going to make it for a little while.

In the midst of all that, I made the decision to stop taking my medicine for rheumatoid arthritis, because I didn't think it was really helping my pain all that much and my hair was falling out by the handfuls. Wow. There is arthritis pain, and then there is arthritis PAIN! Goodness gracious. I forgot what true pain was until after my pills wore off. Maybe they weren't controlling my pain well, but they were doing something. I'm on a new pill now, that is doing just this side of nothing and I'm thinking it might be better to go to the old medicine, but I'm pushing through. I see my doctor again in December, so hopefully she'll have ideas. Enough whining though! The rheumatoid arthritis is definitely a diagnosis I've learned to accept and I am moving on with life. And, on the plus side, my hair isn't falling out as fast as it was. Yay! 

The kiddos are doing great in school, though I'm anxious for the holiday season to start so they will get to stay home for a long stretch. But both are getting good grades and making friends, which is all any parent can ask for. My son, who is going into to be a police officer, passed all his tests as far as arrest techniques and shooting. He has a few more tests and then an internship to do. It's a little scary to think that after his birthday next year, he'll actually be a cop! I'm super proud of him, but the mamma in me can't help but worry too. 

My daughter isn't so sure school is her thing yet. She's awfully homesick still, but it's her first year. I know that will pass. She is doing awesome in her classes, getting the hang of the workload. She's also doing a great job on the bowling team! Just finished her first tournament in which she finished in 7th place overall for the women. In December there is a big 4-day tournament in Las Vegas and I'm going to travel with her and spend the week. Should be great to see her in action! I'm looking forward to it. 

Other than that, things are quiet on the home front. Me and my honey and the kitties are trying to stay warm now that the weather changed. It's quiet without the kids, different, but not altogether bad. I'm able to get my writing done a lot quicker, which is a plus. Now, if I ever sell enough books to quit the day job, we'll be in business! :) 

So, that's what's up with me lately. How are you all doing? 

Wednesday I'll post a bit about what I'm working on now, and where I plan to head in the future with my writing. Maybe you can weigh in and tell me what you think/give me your vote on what I should do next.

Have a happy day!!
~~ Chantel ~~


  1. You should be so proud of your son and daughter. Holidays are coming up fast and you'll get to enjoy them for a spell before it's back to school and work.

    I'm chugging along in the slow lane with my contemporary romance. Maybe I'm enjoying too many field trips and outings, but the weather is really nice here and I love walking around Berkeley.

    1. I can't wait to read your contemporary romance! I'm really excited about it! And, hey, walking around Berkeley is all in the name of research, right? I'm jealous of your nice weather! I could use some sunshine here, if you want to send it :-)


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