Monday, November 25, 2013

Holiday Heroes - Make a United States soldier smile this Christmas!

Happy Monday, everyone! 

Last night on Facebook I ran across a meme talking about a program I never heard of before. Holiday Heroes through the Red Cross! Apparently, we can send a Christmas card with a personal message of thanks or well wishes, etc., to make a soldier's holiday brighter! I think this is wonderful. 

Whether I agree with the various wars we get involved in or not, I always support our troops. These men and women protect our freedoms so we can do what it is we'd like to. I always feel blessed to live in the United States, but our freedoms have not been won by people like me sitting on the sidelines being happy about those freedoms. Let's show our appreciation to our service people!

There are a few guidelines and restrictions (no inserts or glitter, for example) and also a place for donations to help veterans and/or soldiers' families. For more information, check out the web site at The Red Cross. 

What an easy way to show our appreciation! Have a happy day and a wonderful week!!

~~ Chantel ~~

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