Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Romancing Christmas - Story Excerpts - Broken Protocols 3.5

This week I've released the Romancing Christmas boxed set, with nine other great romance authors. During our first day of sales yesterday, we've shot up the charts and are currently #1 in Holiday Fiction!! To kick off this release, once a day over the first two release weeks, I'll be posting an excerpt from each story. Take a look and then go buy this awesome set, priced at just 99 cents for its introduction! Grab it now before the price rises! Now, for today's book excerpt:

Romancing Christmas: 10 Love Stories to Spice up the Holidays ~EXCERPTS EDITION~

Multi-author boxed set
Release Date: November 3, 2014
Genre: Holiday Romance
Cover Artist: http://www.bellamediamanagement.com/

Do you like your Christmas nice...or a little naughty? Bring the season into your heart with love stories to match your mood. This boxed set from 10 of today’s hottest romance authors will warm your heart even on the coldest night.

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Broken Protocols 3.5 by Dale Mayer

When Charmin Marvin wonders when Christmas Day would be in their new time frame, he sets events in motion no one could have expected.

Dani and Charmin lost a lot when they were brought 200 years into the future. But nostalgia brings the possibility of Christmas back into Dani's life – if she can make it happen.

Levi hates to deny Dani anything, but all holidays were removed from his society by the government decades ago. He has no idea what she's talking about – and when he does research and finds out – he wonders if something can be done. And someone outside of their small family wonders, too…

Dani has the best of intentions – but creating Christmas in a world that no longer knows what a holiday is makes her life very complicated very quickly.

Website: http://www.dalemayer.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DaleMayer.author
Twitter: https://twitter.com/DaleMayer

"When is Christmas?" Charmin asked.
Dani Blackburn looked over at her beloved orange Persian cat and grinned. It was a little hard to have any respect for his vast intelligence when he was upside down, four paws to the wind and twisted in a bizarre curl.
"Remember? They don't do any of those old holidays anymore."
"So? That's them. Then there's us." He snorted out a sneeze and flopped over on one side. "And the two don't have to be the same."
Sometimes the darnedest things came out of that cat's mouth. And where was this all coming from? "Are you missing the holidays?" She quirked her lips and laughed. "You hated the noise, the company. Really howled when I sang Christmas carols."
"Ha!" He rolled over to glare at her. "Anyone would howl at your singing."
While she was still gasping at his barb, he continued, "I liked the tree, it was fun. Adored the tinsel." He grinned evilly. "Loved the cookies."
She remembered the last Christmas in Technicolor. Charmin climbing up the pathetic fake tree until it collapsed on top of him. The problem of him constantly trying to eat the tinsel and her finding the tinsel and plastic needles everywhere, but the cookies…she groaned out loud. "You used to take a bite out of every one."
"I had to see which one I wanted," he said in such a reasonable tone of voice that she had to laugh.
"Christmas tree? Tinsel?" Levi, Dani's husband, who was technically several hundred years older than her, sat down on the chair. She grinned as the furniture stretched and sprawled to accommodate the extra person. That never got old. Her husband, and what a trip that still was, held a mug of something hot.
"Is that coffee?" she said accusingly. "And you didn't bring me one?"
He leaned over and kissed her. "I brought enough to share."
"Blech." Charmin rolled over in such a way that his butt was presented.
"Charmin, don't you fire that thing," Levi warned.
But gentle snores were already working up and out of her beloved dust ball of a cat. 

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