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#BookReview ~ Oceans of Trouble ~ Humor

Title:     Oceans of Trouble
Author: Travis Casey
Genre:  Humor/Suspense
Rating:  5 stars

Going to sea is an escape from reality, 
unless reality comes with you


Exotic ports, alluring women, and experiencing adventures on the other side of the world sounds ideal. After a drunken bet goes wrong, Tyler Chambers boards his US Navy frigate and looks forward to leaving the pressures of the real world behind and slip into a cocoon of escapism. In and out of port in a few days is the perfect way to avoid responsibility. He is happy to live his life as a stereotypical sailor and look for a girl in every port with hysterical consequences. 

What he doesn't count on is a psychotic shipmate trying to kill him. Or his commanding officer out to lock him up for an illicit affair. Letters coming to and leaving the ship hold key evidence against Tyler, proof he must keep out of the Captain's hands at all costs. Will Tyler be able to find an ally who can keep him out of trouble? Or will he crash and burn at the hands of sinister shipmates?

Danger lurks in every port and his time at sea is a fight for survival. There is no escape when sailing in Oceans of Trouble.
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My Review: 

I am so excited to see the continuation of Tyler Chamber's adventures in this second book of the Tyler's Trouble Trilogy. I couldn't get enough of the first book, loved this one, and now I can't wait for the third to be released and see how it all ends.

Oceans of Trouble is another laugh out loud romp through Tyler's life. Since this one is on board a ship, we get to see much more in the way of Navy life. I have to admit to being shocked at a few of the things that happened (you'll know what I mean when they cross the equator) but have since seen videos showing that this is, in fact, a true-to-life accounting of what happens, which made it all that more interesting to me. There are plenty of things that happen throughout the book to keep you on the edge of your seat and eagerly turning pages as well as all the laughs at the racy/raunchy humor that Travis Casey excels at writing.

As far as characters, Casey writes big, over-the-top personalities, which makes the humor so great! I will warn that the main antagonist in Tyler's life might be offensive to some, as he is definitely larger than life. But I actually like Sly (in a weird sort of way) and think he adds a lot to the story. Personally, I thought he was more clever than Tyler at times, and it kept me thoroughly entertained. I didn't know from chapter to chapter whether Tyler would even survive this book to finish out the trilogy. And the ending...well, I don't want to do any spoilers, but I was really shocked (in a good way) by how this book concludes. I think readers will also love Quinn and Kimberly, who join Tyler throughout the book as new allies and friends (though I did miss Mark from the first book, if I'm being honest).

All in all, another great title by this author and I will anxiously wait for the final installment. This is on my re-read pile, for sure!

If you missed the first book in the trilogy, it's not necessary to read it first; however, I loved that one too and recommend picking it up. (P.S. Right now it is only 99 cents...but I don't know for how long Amazon link for Book 1 - Trouble Triangle) These are terrific books full of naughty humor! Travis Casey is easily one of my favorite new authors.

Have a great week and happy reading!
~~ Chantel ~~

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