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#NewRelease ~ The Twisted Truth by Erin Armstrong

Book Title:  The Twisted Truth
Author:  Erin Armstrong
Release Date:  May 30, 2013
Genre:  Urban Fiction
Publisher:  GMTA Publishing, LLC
Presented by:  As You Wish Tours


Michelle Marshall is a strong independent woman with a lot of baggage. Raped right before the start of her senior year of college, Michelle grows to be a caring, single mother to her daughter. Things begin to look pretty grim when the Charity House, the women's shelter she founded, is on the brink of having to close its doors. That is, until Tyler Austin, a mysterious and handsome stranger comes into the picture. Helping Michelle resuscitate the Charity House, Ty also helps her learn to trust, love and feel what she hasn't in years. Not everything is quite as perfect as Michelle would like though, as occasional hints lead her to believe something is not quite right. Her suspicions are confirmed when even more frightening developments occur and start to become...deadly. 


“I only brought you in here because I want to know about you from you. Ty told me a lot about you, but I wanna know you for myself. Are you happy with my son?”

It was such an easy answer but hard at the same time. Yes, she was happy with Ty. She loved him, but how do you convey that to a woman who loves him more than anyone in the world? It was a hard task, but she tried to answer as best as she could.

“Cynthia, I am so happy with him. I’ve never met anyone like him in my life. He’s protective, passionate, driven. He’s really everything a woman could ever ask for in a man. You know…you raised him.”

His mother laughed and then nodded. “Yeah, that’s true. It took a while for him to get on track, but thank the Lord he got there. You know, sometimes you wanna throw up your hands and call it a lost cause, but I didn’t. I prayed for him every day. It’s important to never give up on those you love. You know that, don’t you?”

She only nodded. His mother was probably in her mid-50s. She had said only a few words, but Michelle got the impression that this woman was wise far beyond her years. She would listen and hold on to her every word.

Cynthia crossed her legs. “When you get that special man, you make sure you support him. You love him for his strengths and forgive him for his mistakes. We all make so many of them in our lives. Who is to say whose mistakes and flaws are greater than the other?”

She trailed off a bit and seemed to daydream a bit; she finally focused back on Michelle again.
“My son loves you. I know he does. I can tell by the way he looks at you. It’s up to you to open up and allow him to be the best man that he can be to you. Everything in the past…let it be in the past. We’re all different people for our past faults. I know I wouldn’t change any of mine.”

Tilting her head to the side, Michelle asked, “Well what kind of things did he do that were so wrong? I’m only asking because Ty is so guarded about his life in Queens and his family. I want to know, but I’m kind of scared to ask him.”

Without a seconds pause his mother responded.

“Please don’t get me wrong. He’s a good man but when you grow up where he did sometimes a young black man doesn’t know how many choices he has in life. When all you see is violence and chaos around you, you start to think this is the life you’re meant to have. My Ty…he tried to make the best out of what he was given, but got sucked in anyway. He made some really bad choices and has learned from them, I think. Made him the man that stands in front of you today.”
Looking down at her watch she tisked and stood.

“Oh honey, I left my pies in the oven. We’ll talk more later. You guys will be here for the weekend, won’t you?”

Michelle nodded her head. She watched his mother smile warmly and walk out of the room, leaving the door open. Cynthia probably had no idea she had sparked curiosity in her soon-to-be daughter-in-law. She had said so much, yet, everything that she had said hadn’t satisfied Michelle’s thirst in knowing more about her fiancé. What she did know was that he had gotten himself into a lot of trouble in his younger years. That should have been enough, but it wasn’t. She wanted to know more. If he wasn’t going to volunteer any of the information, she would have to have another sit down with his mother before they returned to New Jersey.

Erin Armstrong graduated from Franklin High School. She currently works for Easter Seals NJ where she assists families with children who are disabled. She has been with the company for three years. With Easter Seals, her goal is to always live by their slogan which is to enable individuals with disabilities of special needs and their families to live, learn, work and play in their communities with equality, dignity, and independence.
There is no greater reward to her than being able to make a difference in these families lives.

At an early age she knew that she wanted to be a writer. Some of her first stories she wrote when she was only ten years old. It wasn’t always easy for her and she struggled to find her niche. She has written several short stories but never published any of them.  Eventually she was able to sit down and write down all of her ideas and was finally able to make her dream a reality.

Erin lives at home with husband of five years and her two boys Davien and Cameron.  She enjoys spending time with them and watching them grow every day.



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